Easy Front Porch Fall Decor

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I would say I’m a seasonal decorator.  It’s a really easy way to change up what your home looks like without a ton of expense.  As I gear up for fall (one of my favorites), I have a collection of items I bring out for 3 months.  I figure I have this fall stuff, I should bring it out Sept-Nov at least.  I will bring out some accents for Halloween but if it’s a pumpkin, leaves, etc – it’s out for all 3!  I like to look at the stuff I have and ponder how I could make it different to fit the season.  I have seen people decorate with mum which I love and with pumpkin buckets.  I just wanted my pumpkin bucket to look a little more real and as you’ll see in the end it’ll work great for Halloween too!

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We’ll be working with a pumpkin bucket, a mum plant, and Dixie Belle Paint- Van Dyke Brown Glaze for this project.

Using a paint brush, paint the Dixie Belle Paint glaze onto the pumpkin.

Paint the entire pumpkin with the glaze.

When you are done, use a damp paper towel to dab at the pumpkin to give it texture and leave some of the glaze in the creases.

This will make the pumpkin look more realistic.  Let it dry completely before moving to the next step.

Once it’s completely dry, it’s time to put the mum plant into the pumpkin bucket.

If your flower pot fits in your bucket simply insert it into the bucket, if not you’ll need to transplant it.  Feel free to drill a couple holes in the bottom of the bucket for drainage, or add some rocks to elevate the plant.

You’re done!  It’s ready for your front porch.  The great part is you can just face the pumpkin part forward during September and November…. &

For October turn the face side forward for some extra spirit!

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  1. Mary(Marie) says:

    Looks easy; can only do easy thinks.
    Great job; looks so real.


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