Vintage Bundt Pan to Solar Flower!

Vintage Bundt Pan to Solar Flower!
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I have had this pink vintage Bundt pan for a few years now.  I have tried doing a couple things with it but nothing has stuck – I wanted more for it.  I finally came up with something unique and special to help make it “shine”.  I turned it into a solar flower!  (Those of you who know me are saying “of course you did” – lol)

My supplies included a thrift store candle holder, my vintage Bundt pan, silicone, and a solar light.

I started by washing the candle holder, letting it dry, and painting it with Rustoleum green paint.  I let that dry completely.

I pulled the base off my solar light from Dollar Tree.

I added silicone to the bottom of the solar light.

I placed the solar light in the center of the Bundt pan, and I let that dry for 24 hours.

I added silicone to the top of the candle holder…

and I set the Bundt pan onto the candle holder.  I let that dry for 24 hours.

Here is my completed vintage Bundt pan solar flower.

Here it is at sunset when the solar light begins to turn on.  The light shines into the Bundt pan reflecting inside and making it glow.

Here it is in the complete dark.  I love it!

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