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Snowy Windows and Mirrors (and more)

Snowy Windows and Mirrors (and more)
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Do you remember when a lot of stores and homes sprayed their windows with fake snow?  I do, and boy have the projects changed for the better!  I’m going to teach you how to make snowy windows and mirrors (and more), plus an added blast from the past.

For this first way you’ll need:

A stencil – mine is from Cutting Edge Stencils
Spray Snow – mine came from Walmart
Painters Tape
Let’s start with the mirror first. You can use any mirror – your bathroom, a decorative mirror in your home, or you can buy one from the store so you can move it around. This one came from Dollar Tree.
Use the painters tape to hold the stencil in place.
Spray on the snow.
Carefully remove the stencil and you’re done.
Now on to the windows.
Tape the stencil into place with the painters tape.
Spray your window with the snow.
Carefully remove the stencil.
When you’re ready to remove the it, wipe off the dried snow the best you can, and then use Windex or your favorite window cleaner to finish the job.  Easy and your kids or grand kids can help you do it too.


Okay, next the blast from the past!  You might remember back in the early days a product called Window Wax. It was used to clean windows but it was also during the holidays to decorate them. Great for adults, and super fun for kids too!
You will need:
Window Wax (can be bought at Amazon and other online locations)
Stencil – mine is from Cutting Edge Stencils
Paint brush
Painters tape.
Pour your window wax into a cup – it’ll be pink but after it dries will turn white.
Tape your stencil to the window with the painters tape.
Paint on the window wax over the stencil.
Carefully remove the stencil, and let the Window Wax dry.  It’s really easy to remove after the holidays… it is a window cleaner, and just wipes right off.  I give my kids paint brushes every year and they go to town on my windows with this stuff. They have a ton of fun and I get my windows clean. They have painted free handed and they have used the stencils as well. Fun any time of year.
Okay one more for fun…Dry erase markers aren’t just for white boards. They can be used on windows and mirrors too. Use them to write reminders for your family on the bathroom mirror, or front door. Use them to decorate during the holidays! Let your kids and grand kids have a whole window to have fun on!
Tape the stencil to the window using painters tape to hold in place.
Color in the stencil with the dry erase marker, and carefully remove the stencil.
What’s great about the dry erase markers is that they just wipe off.
Here is the stencil on a mirror.
That’s it, and it just wipes right off when your done. Stencil or no stencil my kids have a blast when I give them the dry erase markers and an entire window to draw and color on.
Leave reminders or messages for your family on windows or mirrors.

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