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Cute & Inexpensive Door Display

Cute & Inexpensive Door Display
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I wanted to share this cute and inexpensive and easy Valentine door display I made.  It would go well anywhere in a home as well as this simple idea can be adjusted for any season!

You’ll Need:

2 paper plates

stapler, hole punch, & scissors


fake flowers

Fold the paper plates in half.

Put the plates together like this to make a heart shape.  Add one staple to the bottom, and one to the center on each side.

Use a hole punch and make a hole in each of the top 2 corners.

Use ribbon to make a handle and tie or glue through the holes on the plates.

Add fake flowers into the basket.

Hang it up and it’s ready for display.  Use different occasion paper plates and different colored flowers and celebrate all the seasons and holidays with this simple idea.

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