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White Board and Stencil Seasonal Sign

White Board and Stencil Seasonal Sign
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With a white board, a stencil, and a few other basic supplies you can make an easy seasonal sign that’s great for any season and holiday!

You’ll need a white board. I found this one in the Target dollar section and you can also find them at dollar stores.

I used Folk Art Holiday Stencils for this project.

I also used Folk Art stencil tape, and dry erase markers in a variety of colors.

Place a seasonal stencil of your choice onto your white board.

Use the stencil tape to hold your stencil in place onto the board.

Use the dry erase markers to color in the stencil.

Have fun using a variety of dry erase colors.

When you’re done, carefully peel off the stencil tape and lift off the stencil. Save the stencil to be used at a later date.

You’re seasonal sign is ready. So simple, inexpensive, and great for all ages. I love how this can be changed up for every holiday and season.

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