Eco Friendly Window and Mirror Cleaning

Eco Friendly Window and Mirror Cleaning
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I have always dreaded cleaning windows and mirrors because they always seem to be streaky afterward.  I was also looking for a chemical free way to clean them.  I found a super easy  and Eco friendly way to clean your windows and mirrors and make them streak free!

My dad had bought these microfiber clothes from Amazon and fell in love with them and couldn’t wait to share it with me. He is always looking for the best ways to clean windows – both at his home and on the cars he works on at his body shop.

Moja Works Microfiber Glass Cleaning Cloths and you can find them on Amazon here

Before I start – this is not a sponsored post.  I purchased these and have been using them ever since.  This is my honest opinion.

You’ll also need a bucket of water.

First start with the green cloth (instructions are included with the clothes). Get it wet and then wring it out.

Wipe your window with the cloth.

Next use the blue cloth dry and wipe the window dry.

That’s all there is too it and I love that your windows will be streak free!

Mirrors –

Wet your green cloth and wring it out

Follow that up with the dry blue cloth and wipe off the mirror completely.

Your windows and mirrors are now clean and streak free. How easy was that!


Want to see the video?  Click the link below…

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