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Coffee Filters Holiday Decor

Coffee Filters Holiday Decor
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It’s time to put up my next season’s decorations.  I like to decorate with things that can be left up for a “season” meaning 3 months so I get more enjoyment out of them.  Did you know that you can make holiday decor that’s inexpensive, easy, and fun with coffee filters? I made some projects that I’m super excited about and wanted to share them with you.

For most of these projects you’ll take a coffee filter, place the center at the bottom, and squeeze up the filter to make a “flower” shape, and twist the bottom to hold in place.

Snowball Topiary –

I took a styrofoam ball from Dollar Tree and started hot gluing these twisted coffee filters around it. There is no right or wrong way to do it. I started by making a circle around the middle, and then added more and more until the top was full. Then I began filling the bottom.

I hot glued on a candle holder from Dollar Tree to be the base. I then filled in any holes left with more coffee filters until I got it to be as full as I liked.

You can leave it plain or I added a little Mod Podge around the edges of the coffee filters and then sprinkled fake snow onto it.

Snowman –

I hot glued 2 different sized paper plates together.

I filled them with the twisted coffee filters until I got it as full as I wanted. For this one I started at the bottom and worked my way to the top.

I added a scarf, hot glued on button eyes and nose, a yarn mouth, and a top hat I found at Dollar Tree. I put a piece of fish line on back so I could hang him.

Winter Wreath –

Any wreath form will work, and any size you like. I had this one on hand. I started hot gluing the twisted coffee filters onto the wreath working around in a circle. I started on the inside, then moved my way to the outside until it was as full as I wanted.

I added some battery operated LED (cool lights) I found at Dollar Tree. I hot glued the battery pack onto the back side to hide it.

I kept the original hanging tag on it so I could hang it from that.

Table Top Tree –

I cut holes of different sizes and layered them onto a recycled bottle. I used a little hot glue to hold each layer in place.

I added a strand of battery operated LED (cool lights) lights that have a “cork” on/off switch on top.

I cut out a tinfoil start and glued it to the “cork” on/off switch, and I also added some Krylon Glitter Blast spray paint to the filters to give it some shimmer.

I cut the letters “J” and “Y” out of cardboard. I hot glued on some twisted coffee filters onto the letters until I had the look I wanted. I added my wreath from before to the center to be the letter “O” and created the word Joy. I used gaffers tape to hold up the letters and wreath onto my mirror.

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