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Easy Valentine’s Day Wreaths – 2 Options

Easy Valentine’s Day Wreaths – 2 Options
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If you are interested in making a Valentine’s Day wreath – I have 2 options for you.  Both are super easy to make.  At the end of the post, let me know which one you you like best?

Let’s start with the 1st Wreath:

You’ll need:  

A heart wreath form

2 scarves

Hot Glue Gun

Fabric Heart Stickers

Hot glue your 1st scarf to the top of the wreath form.  Start winding the scarf around the form until you get to the bottom.

Hot glue the 2nd scarf to the wreath form and start winding it round the opposite side of the wreath form.

When you get to the bottom hot glue both scarves to the wreath form to hold in place.

Here is what it should look like so far…

Place your fabric heart stickers onto the scarves where desired.

Add a ribbon to hang the wreath and you’re done!

Now onto wreath #2…

You’ll Need:

A wreath form

Red Bulbs

Red Ribbon

Hot Glue Gun

Hot glue your bulbs on like this, placing them in between the wires.

It’ll look like this when you are done hot gluing.

Hot glue your ribbon to the bottom corner of your heart wreath form.

Start winding your ribbon between the bulbs.  When you get all the way around, cut and hot glue into place.

Add a ribbon to the top to hang your wreath from.

Hang it up and your done!  Which wreath do you like better?

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