Creative Homemade Bottle Light Ideas to Illuminate Your Space

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Discover unique and easy DIY homemade bottle light ideas to add ambiance and style to any room. From upcycled wine bottles to mason jar lanterns, explore illuminating projects perfect for any occasion.

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Creative Homemade Bottle Light Ideas to Illuminate Your Space

DIY Glass Bottle Light

Upcycle an old glass bottle into a glowing light for your home. It’s very easy to do, a great gift idea or fun for crafting night. Let’s get started with this super easy project.

Homemade Bottle Light Ideas Materials:

Homemade Bottle Light Ideas Instructions

Clean the bottle

Wash the bottle in hot soapy water, remove labels, and clean it to remove any stickers, residue, etc.

Put glass rocks into the bottle

Put your glass rocks inside your bottle.  Fill as high as you want, but save room for the next step.

Add water to the bottle

Fill your bottle with water – almost all the way to the top. Save room for the light.  Here is about how full I filled my bottle.

Add your light source

Pull the cork off your rechargeable light to expose the USB and charge your light.

Once fully charged, place your light in your bottle.  Twist the light when you are ready to turn it on.

Enjoy the ambiance your glowing light creates.

You could omit the water and use cork lights instead if you like.

More Homemade Bottle Light Ideas

Here is the other set, and I love how the fairy lights remind me of fireflies.

Mason Jar Lanterns

Repurpose mason jars by filling them with fairy lights or battery-operated candles to create charming lanterns. Decorate the jars with ribbons, twine, or paint for added flair and hang them indoors or outdoors for a rustic touch.

You can find the full tutorial at Mason Jar DIY Lights Easy and Beautiful

You might also enjoy these mason jar bottle lights. Find the full tutorial at DIY Solar Mason Jar Lights: Illuminate Your Yard with Creative Ambiance

The possibilities are endless -

Wine Bottle Pendant Lights

Transform empty wine bottles into elegant pendant lights by cutting off the bottom and inserting string lights or LED candles. Hang them above a dining table or in a cozy corner for a romantic ambiance.

Full tutorial at Using a Bottle Cutter – Bottle Crafts!

Place the solar light on top. I would recommend using silicone or a glue of your choice to adhere the lights into place. Optional - add some dollar store rocks for weight or some water to enhance the brightness.

Bottle Solar Lights

Convert glass bottles into eco-friendly solar lights by attaching solar-powered LED lids to the tops. Place the bottles in sunny spots in your garden or patio to soak up sunlight during the day and emit a soft glow at night, creating a magical outdoor ambiance.

Find the full tutorial for these at How To Make Solar Light House Numbers

You can find more solar homemade bottle light ideas:

I added 3 solar lights from the Dollar Tree between the bottles. The lights on the right and left are stuck into the ground. The one in the middle I wanted a little higher so I removed the stake and put it in a clear mini bottle.  After looking at this for a period of time I ended up adding crystal beads to the front to look like it was pouring.

Garden Homemade Bottle Light Decor

Illuminate your garden with charm and sustainability using Garden Homemade Bottle Light Decor, a delightful DIY project showcased in the full tutorial at Re-purposed Wine Rack to Solar Yard Decor. Learn how to repurpose glass bottles into eco-friendly solar lights, perfect for adding a magical ambiance to your outdoor space. Follow the step-by-step instructions to create a luminous garden display that combines creativity and environmental consciousness. You’ll place the first bottle in the center with a solar light, then you’ll place the rack over top. Then take the second bottle and place it into the wine rack. Continue on until you have created this lovely display. Later on, I actually removed the corks and used my hot glue gun to add diamond crystals to become drips pouring from the bottles.

Full tutorial at Re-purposed Wine Rack to Solar Yard Decor

What can you do with glass bottles? Upcycle them with bottle painting and there are so many ways to use the bottle.

Painted Bottle Lamp

Elevate your home decor with a Painted Bottle Lamp, these stunning DIY wine bottle crafts add a personalized touch to any space. Follow the full tutorial at Easy and Beautiful Bottle Painting to learn how to transform ordinary glass bottles into eye-catching lamps, infused with your own unique artistic flair. Illuminate your surroundings with style and creativity with this simple yet beautiful crafting endeavor.

Full tutorial at Easy and Beautiful Bottle Painting

Enjoy during the cold winter months!

Bottle Votive Holders

Repurpose glass bottles as votive holders by cutting off the top of the bottle and inserting tea lights or votive candles. Arrange these illuminated holders along mantels, shelves, or outdoor tables for a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Full tutorial at How To Use A Glass Bottle Cutter

DIY Wine Bottle Tiki Torch

Turn old glass bottles into stunning pathway lights by placing them upside down on stakes or poles and inserting torch wicks into the neck. Fill the bottles with citronella oil to repel insects while adding a warm glow to your outdoor space.

Bottle Chandelier

Craft a dazzling chandelier using a cluster of suspended bottles filled with fairy lights or Edison bulbs. Arrange the bottles in a circular or cascading pattern and hang them from a ceiling fixture for a captivating focal point in any room.

Bottle Wall Sconces

Create stylish wall sconces by cutting bottles in half horizontally and affixing them to a wall-mounted base. Insert LED tea lights or candles into the bottom halves to cast a soft glow, perfect for enhancing the ambiance in hallways or bedrooms.

Bottle Table Lamps

Construct unique table lamps by filling transparent bottles with string lights or LED strips, or purchase a lamp kit and topping them with lamp shade kit. Customize the bottles with decorative elements like beads, shells, or colored glass for a personalized touch.

Bottle Centerpieces

Fashion eye-catching centerpieces by arranging clusters of bottles filled with lights on a decorative tray or mirrored surface. Add embellishments such as flowers, feathers, or seasonal accents to complement any occasion or theme.

Bottle Fairy Light Terrariums

Build enchanting terrariums using clear bottles filled with fairy lights and layers of sand, pebbles, moss, and small plants. Display these miniature gardens on shelves or windowsills to bring a whimsical touch of nature indoors.

Seasonal Homemade Bottle Light Ideas

Plugged in the lights and that was it.

Thrift Store Upcycle Bottle Light

Unearth the magic of Halloween with this thrift store upcycling project. Transform ordinary glass bottles into eerie illuminated decor pieces that cast a ghostly glow. Simply repurpose old bottles, insert LED lights, and watch as they bring a haunting ambiance to your Halloween displays. Perfect for adding a touch of spookiness to any corner of your home or haunted house attraction.

Full tutorial at Pumpkin Candle Holder Upcycles

Add some water and food coloring of your choice inside. You can leave it at that or add a Bottle Light on top for added glow. I love these bottle lights as they are rechargeable by plugging them via USB plug. You can find the bottle lights here - USB Bottle Lights

Halloween Potion Bottle Light

Conjure up some Halloween magic with these bewitching potion bottles. Turn ordinary glass bottles into mysterious elixirs using simple crafting supplies and LED lights. Fill the bottles with colorful liquids, eerie trinkets, and bubbling concoctions, then illuminate them with strategically placed lights to create an enchanting display that captures the essence of Halloween. Perfect for adding an extra dose of spookiness to your haunted laboratory or witch’s den.

Full tutorial at DIY Dollar Tree Halloween Decorations on a Budget: Easy and Spooky

Here they are lit up!

Halloween Bottle Light Luminaries

With some bottles, tissue paper, Mod Podge, permanent markers, and a variety of different lights, I created these fun bottle light luminaries.

Full tutorial at Repurpose Jars & Bottles for Halloween Fun!

Wine Bottle to Christmas Tree

Wine Bottle Lights Christmas Tree

Transform a simple wine bottle into a festive Christmas tree centerpiece with this DIY project. Simply add string lights to the bottle, wrapping them around in a spiral pattern from bottom to top. Plug in the lights, and watch as the bottle illuminates, creating a magical ambiance for your holiday celebrations. Perfect for adding a touch of sparkle and charm to your home decor this holiday season. If you’re short on space for Christmas decorations, this project is especially for you.

Full tutorial at Wine Bottle to Christmas Tree

I cut out a tinfoil start and glued it to the "cork" on/off switch, and I also added some Krylon Glitter Blast spray paint to the filters to give it some shimmer.

Create a whimsical and unique Christmas tree with this crafty DIY project. Start with a wine bottle, wrap it in fairy lights, and then add layers of coffee filters around the bottle to mimic the shape of a tree. Secure the filters with glue or twine, and watch as the lights shine through, casting a warm and cozy glow. Perfect for adding a touch of rustic elegance to your holiday decorations.

Full tutorial at 5 Beautiful Dollar Tree Christmas Crafts For Under $1

Check out some of my other bottle projects!

I’ve created many items with bottles, jars, and even used vases to create lights. Which DIY wine bottle light is your favorite? There are so many simple DIY wine bottle lights here, and I’ll be you can come up with many more. Let me know in the comments below.

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