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Easy Light Up Dish Angel

Easy Light Up Dish Angel
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This is one of my favorite creations, my light up dish angel.  A few dishes, a little glue, and you have a beautiful angel ready for display. Good for inside or out, and a great gift idea.
You’ll need some dishes similar to these in shape to make the project. I was able to get them very cheap at thrift stores. You’ll also need E6000 glue or silicone.
These dishes will be your wings. You’ll start by gluing the edges together and letting them dry. This won’t make them super solid but will help hold them in place for the next step.

Put glue on your curved dishes where the vase will be resting on them. After getting the glue ready, place your vase on the glue and curved dishes. I let this one dry for 72

If you feel like the wings need more glue after that you can add a little more until you feel they are solid. Once the glue is cured, you should be able to set the vase upright like this.
Take your bud vase/candle holder and glue it to the top of the vase and let it dry completely.
Optional – glue your “crown” on top. I say optional as when you see the light up options below you might not want to glue it.
Once the glue is dry you can leave the angel like this, or you can light it up with some of these options…
Place a battery operated candle or timer candle inside the vase. Mine timer candle came from World Market and it turns on at the same time every evening and stays on for about 5-6 hours and then turns off.
Place a solar light inside the vase.
It’ll need to get full sun to recharge every day.


This last option is my favorite, and this is the one you would not want to glue the crown on. I have put 2 battery operated LED lights inside the angel. One is in the vase, and one is in the head.
They are water proof so they can be used outside.

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