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I have had several requests after posting my Up-cycling with a Bottle Cutter post!  I thought it was time to do part 2 and show you some crafts & projects you can make with this cool tool.

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You can find my original post here:  Up-Cycling with a Bottle Cutter

I purchased my bottle cutter from Amazon – you can view it here

You can watch the tutorial of using the bottle cutter by clicking the picture above.

To make this Epsom salt candle holder click here to see the directions.

To decorate the bottom half of a bottle – use diamond wrap, sequins, jewels, ribbon, etc .

Use the bottom half of bottles to store things – I am using these 3 to store office supplies on my desk.

Cut the bottom so the base is taller and you can use it as a vase.  Fill it with some decorative rocks, and add some flowers and you have a nice centerpiece.

To make a self watering planter – cut the bottle so that the neck can fit into the base.

Fill the base with water and cut a few pieces of string to go down the neck.  This will be drawing the water up into the soil.

Place your soil and seeds in the top and you’re set.  You can also place a small plant that is ready to go inside here.

Make a lantern for outside with just a few steps.

Place a battery operated tea light inside the whisk and then place the whisk inside the bottle.  It’s ready to be hung up outside.

Make a wind chime.  I pulled apart an old yard decoration and reconfigured it to go inside this bottle.  You can use chain, rope, bells, etc hook together and place inside the bottle.

Hang it outside and it’s ready to go.

Turn it into a hanging lamp.  Buy a bottle light kit and follow the directions on how to put it together.

When it’s all put together, hang it up and it’s ready to use.

The possibilities are endless –

Click on the picture below to see my tutorial video with Hometalk!

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  1. Wow! So many ideas – your creativity continues to amaze me. 🙂

    1. Thank you Krishna, I’ll be sure to stop by.

  2. So many great ideas. You are so creative. I love upcycling old jars and bottles.Thanks for linking up.

    1. Thank you so much Claire, and I had such a fun time making them all too.

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