Vase & Candle Holder to Solar Lights

Vase & Candle Holder to Solar Lights
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Taking a a vase or candle holder and turning them into a solar light is easy and inexpensive. It’ll add ambiance to your home/yard.


Let’s start with the vase

You’ll need:
A vase
A solar light
Dollar Store glass rocks
Put your glass rocks into your vase.  Fill the vase as high as you want, just be sure to save room for the solar light.
Pull the base off your solar light.  This solar light came from Walmart, but you can use a solar light that fits your desires.
Place your solar light into the vase.
You’re done!  You can use your solar light inside, but you will need to make sure it is in a place where it gets a lot of sunlight.  You can also place your solar light outside. You may opt to put a small amount of silicone sealer at the place where the light goes into the vase to keep the water out.  If you put it on a covered porch, it won’t receive as much moisture.
For the candle holder you’ll need:
A candle holder – mine star shaped one can be found at thrift stores.
A solar Light – mine came from Dollar Tree
Colorful glass rocks – mine came from Dollar Tree
Pull the stem off your solar light. Put silicone in the candle holder and place the solar light in the candle holder. Let dry for 24 hours.  You will need a good silicone to hold our solar light into the base of the candle holder. This is the one I use. If you are making your solar light for inside you could use E6000 as well. (Just make sure it’ll get plenty of sun.)
Add your glass rocks to the candle holder base.
You are finished and your solar light is ready to enjoy.
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