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Wine Bottle to Christmas Tree

Wine Bottle to Christmas Tree
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Do you ever look at the different wine bottles you have lying around and wonder what you could make them into besides just recycling them?  The possibilities are endless really.  Today I’m going to show you how to turn a wine bottle into a Christmas tree.  This idea is truly simple, embellish to your hearts desire, give as gifts, kids can have fun too!

You will need:

A bottle

A strand of lights

Embellishments of your choice – I’m using stick on jewels

A door or dresser knob or other topper of your choice

I used a strand of 20 lights you can get from Dollar Tree.  You can use battery operated or plug in – your choice.  Push the lights in the top of the bottle.  If you use LED lights they will stay cool and you don’t have to worry about the heat.

Add your door or dresser knob to the top.  This will hide the cord coming out the back side.  If you desire it to be more secure, add a little bit of hot glue to secure it in place.  This will allow it to be secure but also allow you to free it if and when the time comes to swap out your lights.

Decorate and embellish to your hearts content!  I added jewel stickers you can find at Dollar tree.  You can add ribbon, glitter blast spray paint, frosted glass spray, a small garland, etc.  It’s up to you how elaborate you’d like to be.

Plug in or turn on and you are ready to go!  So simple and beautiful.

Not everyone has room for a big tree in their home, and maybe you’d like to have a small one in your bedroom or another place in your home.  Plus you are using a recycled bottle, how great is that?!!!

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