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Quick & Easy Mermaid Tail Blanket

Quick & Easy Mermaid Tail Blanket
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Today we are doing a super easy mermaid tail blanket (or for boys a shark tail)!  No cutting, no sewing, no gluing, and you can change it back into a regular blanket.

You’ll need a blanket – size depends on the person you are making it for.  This one is a 50 x 60″ blanket for a teen/adult size.

You’ll also need a ponytail binder, rubber band, or ribbon.

At the side you want to be the bottom/tail, push up the center.

Next scrunch in the sides to form the tail shape.

Use your ponytail binder and wrap it around the blanket to hold the tail shape into place.

Here’s roughly what it’ll look like.  You can shape the blanket and the ponytail binder to get the shape you want.

This was me trying it on to see how it looked.  Take the top and open part of the blanket and tuck it under your legs.

Here is my daughter hanging on the couch with the mermaid/shark tail.  When the kids are done playing with it, take the binder back out for your regular blanket.  If you want it to be permanent you can always cut the tail into the shape you want after putting the binder in.

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  • So cute and so easy! My granddaughter just got one of these for her birthday. Maybe I should think about making her one for our house. LOL Right now, she takes it back & forth. This week she came with her backpack, doll case and three more plastic bags full of things she “needed” at Nana & Pops house, including her blanket. LOL


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