20 Ways To Use A Hanging Shoe Organizer

20 Ways To Use A Hanging Shoe Organizer
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I was given the challenge by Hometalk to come up 6 ways to use a hanging shoe organizer. With in 5-10 minutes I had come up with 20! Here are all the different ways you can use a hanging shoe organizer to help out in your home.

Here is the basic shoe organizer, they run about $10.  You can click here if you are interested in purchasing one.

Let’s start in the kitchen…

You can fill it with quick grab snacks for busy kids.  I filled mine drink mixes, granola & protein bars, crackers, lunch snacks, etc.

Another option would be to fill it with your seasonings for cooking.

Fill it with your utensils and baking supplies.

Use it for your cold winter gear – hats, mittens/gloves, scarves, hand warmers, waterproof bags…

Use it to store your cleaning supplies in.

Store your children’s toys, stuffed animals, legos, superheroes, etc in one.

It can organize your extension cords, power cords, charging cords, timers, and more in.

It is great for making a school supply, crafting station, or office organizer to hold your rulers, scissors, stapler, crayons, markers, post it notes, tape, calculators, markers, crayons, colored pencils, paper clips, rubber bands, and more.

Make an advent or birthday countdown calendar, fill it with gifts to count down the big day.  It’s also great for a graduation gift!  Fill it with supplies needed for college – snacks, school supplies, dorm room needs, etc.

It’s great for storing your DVD &/or CD collection.

You can use it for your tools and gardening supplies, and hang it in your home, garage, or shed.

Keep your paint and paint brushes in order and in great shape.

It’s a great way to keep your gift wrap, ribbon, bows, tape, scissors, and more ready for when you need it.

*Have longer tubes of wrapping paper?  No problem, use the bottom 3 shoe spaces to store them.  Simply cut a slit in the bottom of the 1st 2 holders so the tube slides into place and set in the bottom pocket.

Use it to hold your bathroom first aid supplies and medications.

Organize your bathroom supplies and needs – great for those small bathrooms, apartments, dorm rooms, etc.

It can hold your jewelry, belts, and hair and other accessories.

Roll up some of your clothes and you can save space, & organize outfits for your kids.  It holds socks, t-shirts, thanks, shorts, leggings, leotards, tights,& legwarmers extremely well.

Great for holding books (and stuffed animals) – school teachers – this one is for you ๐Ÿ˜‰

It’s a great way to hold your ornaments and keep them safe.

This one is actually for my son!  Make a place for your baseball/hat collection.

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