How To Clean Engineered Hardwood Floors, It’s So Easy

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Are you wondering how to clean engineered hardwood floors? You won’t believe how easy it is using 1 natural ingredient!

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I have an engineered wood floor in my kitchen, and I had to learn a great way to clean with the best results without hurting my floor. There are a lot of cleaning methods out there. Some of them have become very popular like using bona hardwood floor cleaner, simple green multi-surface floor care, or different cleaners. I’m not going to hire a professional cleaning service for my current home, so I did some research on how to clean hardwood floors, and here’s what I learned.

This post is in collaboration with Yeedi. All thoughts and opinions are my own.  A big thanks to Yeedi for the yeedi mop Station pro Robot Vacuum and Mop.

Are you wondering how to clean engineered hardwood floors?  You won't believe how easy it is using 1 natural ingredient!

How To Clean Engineered Hardwood Floors materials

1. Clear the space

How To Clean Engineered Hardwood Floors Instructions

1. Clear the space

I want to make sure my floors get as clean as possible so I always start by picking up my space. I will lift anything off the floor that I can. For example, my wood floors are in my kitchen, so I’ll lift my chairs and place them on top of my kitchen table, or I’ll move them to another space. I also remove our bar stools, trash and recycle cans, step stools, etc.

2. Vacuum the wood floors

2. Vacuum the wood floors

I vacuum my floors to clear them of any dirt, crumbs and debris. Removing this will also keep your floors nicer for a longer length of time avoiding things that will dig into your floor and scratch them.

I like to use my Yeedi mop Station pro Robot Vacuum as it makes my cleaning routine go so much faster! I can be cleaning my counters and picking up the room while the robot vacuum gets started. It allows me to clean other areas of my home and multi-task which I love.

3. Mop your floor

3. Mop your floor

After I’m done vacuuming the floor you’ll often see spots on the floor from spills. The one thing you don’t often see is that when you cook those grease particles are flying through the air and landing on everything. With our wood floors being in our kitchen, I want to make sure I take my cleaning to the next level by mopping it. Most wood floor manufacturers will tell you to clean your wood floors with only water. Yep, that’s right only water as it is the best cleaner. No chemicals which I’m a huge fan of.

After my Yeedi robot vacuum is done, I simply put the mopping cartridge in it and let it go. It then starts mopping my floor and does a fantastic job while I continue cleaning the rest of my house.

Do you hate harsh cleaning chemicals? Maybe it's after the holidays, the guests are gone, and your kitchen needs a little love? In this tutorial I will show you how to clean your kitchen with natural products.

4. Put everything away

After my floor is dry after mopping, I’ll can put everything back in it’s place and that’s all there is too it. Crazy easy right?

Do you want more information about my Yeedi mop Station pro Robot Vacuum and Mop?

Do you want more information about my Yeedi mop Station pro Robot Vacuum and Mop?

  • Robot vacuum cleaner that has a carpet sensor. It maps your floor plan, has sensors to recognize walls, and different floor areas. The vacuum offers a variety of levels of cleaning options from a light to a max option for touch ups to a deep clean. The vacuum pulls the debris into a tank that you can empty and clean.
  • Robot mopping – This robot has 2 mopping pads that spin and scrub those spots away.
  • Self Cleaning Mop Station. The charger also holds the clean water intake and the dirt water outtake. Wash the mop pads between uses, and the station has a dryer on it to reduce odors.
  • The Yeedi has an app that lets you set cleaning sequence, schedule cleaning, set up a no-go zone, and more anywhere, anytime, and integration with Alexa and Google Home allows you to clean with your voice.
  • This robot vacuum runs approximately 180 minutes and has an auto recharge station. Once it’s recharged, it’ll resume cleaning until it’s finished doing the job.
  • What is included in the box: Robot, Self-Cleaning Station, Main Brush, Edge Brush, Reservoir, Clean Water Tank, Waste Water Tank, Washable Mopping Pad, Cleaning Tools, HEPA Filter, Power Cord, Swapping Dustbin

How can I make my wood floors look new again?

This is the easy way to clean any of the following type of flooring:

  • engineered hardwood floor
  • engineered floors
  • laminate flooring
  • solid wood floors or traditional hardwood floors
  • linoleum floors
  • tile floors
  • new wood floors

You want to avoid the following:

  • excess water or excessive water, as too much moisture, can warp the floor and can cause water damage
  • harsh chemicals cleaning solution
  • a steam cleaner or steam mop as it can be too hot and warp the floor
  • hardwood floor cleaners as they sometimes have harsh chemicals
  • steel wool or scouring pads will scratch the floor
  • sponge mops as they collect and push the dirty water around
  • white vinegar as it’s drying to wood

To prevent irreversible damage, clean your solid hardwood flooring on a regular basis with a dry microfiber mop. Be sure to use a lightweight vacuum with a good beater bar or a rotating bristle bar with soft bristles like the Yeedi or a good canister vacuum to clean those high traffic areas. Pick up pet hair, loose dust, and trap dirt with regular vacuuming. After the dirt is picked up, clean the floor by wet mopping with a microfiber cloth.

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Are you wondering how to clean engineered hardwood floors? You won't believe how easy it is using 1 natural ingredient!

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