Easy Flower Basket to Solar Chandelier

Easy Flower Basket to Solar Chandelier
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Turning a flower basket into a solar chandelier is easy and inexpensive. You can do so much to personalize it for your own style.

My original flower basket solar chandeliers needed an upgrade as the solar light had burned out and it was time…
For this project you’ll need:
A flower basket (Dollar Tree)
A hanging candle holder (thrift store)
Solar light (Dollar Tree)
Crystals (Hobby Lobby Clearance)
First remove the chains for your flower basket.
I saved mine and used them to make this.
Save the hooks from the bottom of the chain.
Place your hooks on the circles of the flower basket where the chains originally attached.
Attach a crystal to each of the hooks.
Pull your solar light off the stem.
Now this solar light was to little as it would fall right through the center hole, and I was having a hard time finding a solar light that would fit well in the flower basket.
I found this hanging candle holder at a thrift store. Place your solar light in your candle holder.
Put the chain of the candle holder through the center hold of the flower basket.
Your solar chandelier is ready!
I have 2 and I keep mine in my garden area.
Here it is at night…

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