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Easy Personalized Graduation Gift

Easy Personalized Graduation Gift
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My daughter is graduating and I found a couple items at the dollar store that I could make an easy personalized graduation gift and add it to her care package.

Easy Personalized Graduation Gift (1) Candle Holder supplies needed

For this first project I used:

A candle holder

Folk Art Color Shift – Dragon Flash

Folk Art Peel & Stick Stencils

Paint Brush

Easy Personalized Graduation Gift (2) Add peel and stick stencils

My daughter is going to CSU, and this gold candle holder was just what I needed as her colors will be Green and Gold. (Did I mention it’s my husband and my alma mater and it’s close to home?!!!)

I cleaned the candle holder to free it from dirt, oils, etc. I then stuck on the peel and stick stencils.

Easy Personalized Graduation Gift (3) paint stencils

I put on the Folk Art Color Shift Paint.

Easy Personalized Graduation Gift (4) remove stencils

After putting the paint on, I carefully peeled off the stencils before the paint dried. I washed the stencils and put them back on the package film so I could use them again another time.

Easy Personalized Graduation Gift (5) let dry

This color shift paint is so fun to work with as it’s 2 toned. It has a green and gold color to it as you twist it in the light. I let it dry completely.

Easy Personalized Graduation Gift (6) picture frame

For my second project I used:

A picture frame

Folk Art Glitterific Lime

Paint Brush

Easy Personalized Graduation Gift (7) apply Glitterific to mat

I took apart the picture frame and applied the Glitterific onto the mat inside. You can use as little or as much as you like.

Easy Personalized Graduation Gift (8) let dry and put together

I let that dry completely and put the frame back together.

Easy Personalized Graduation Gift (9) finished product

I can add these to her care package which includes these 2 personalized items (note that the candle holder was big enough it could be a pencil holder as well).

Easy Personalized Graduation Gift (10) care package

I like to make fun care packages for graduates and I include the following…

A picture frame for friends, family loved ones you miss.

A Journal to document your journey along the way.

A key chain for your new home.

A candle to warm your home.

A beach ball for study breaks.

Snacks for the late night studying.

I put all of these fun things in a reusable bowl for the popcorn.


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