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Daisy Clothespin Wreath

Daisy Clothespin Wreath
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I absolutely love daisies and wanted to make something new for my front door this summer. With just a few inexpensive items – clothespins, wreath form, and a mirror – I made an easy daisy clothespin wreath!

You’ll Need:

A wreath form (mine is 14″) – Dollar Tree

A mirror – Dollar Tree

White clothespins – Walmart

Hot glue gun

Fish line


Start by clipping on clothes pins on the outside ring. Clip so that the second hole on the clothespin is the one holding onto the wreath form.

Continue clipping on the clothes pins to this section all the way around. Each wreath form and clothespins are different so the amount you’ll need may vary. My wreath form took 15 clothespins per section.

Once you have gotten all the way around with the bottom row it’s time to start on the top row. For this you’ll take your clothespins and clip them on the top 2 rails as you see here. The 2nd rail in will roughly fit the 2nd hold on the clothespin.

Continue placing the clothespins on the wreath until you have gotten all the way around. The top took roughly 12 clothespins per section.

Here is what the wreath looked like when all the clothespins were placed on. I actually ran out of clothespins while doing this so I had some gaps but I didn’t mind.

Using fish line (or another string of your choice) tie on the mirror to the center of the wreath form. I tied the top and the bottom of the mirror to the form for stability. I did remove a clothespin so that I could get it tied, and then replace the clothespin.

I hung it on my front door and I love how it turned out!

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Want to see the video?  Click on the photo below…

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Comments (8)

  • Cute idea! I love nothing more than combining a bunch of random items into something cool and unique. Visiting from Made By You Mondays.

  • This is so pretty! On a dark colored door it really shines! For years I had a front door that had 3 windows offset on the upper part of the door so any wreath blocked the windows. Now I have a new door with the mini glass at the top. It’s time for me to start thinking about seasonal wreaths. 🙂

    • Thanks so much Linda and with your new door, it sounds like you have so many possibilities coming your way. Let the creative juices flow 😉

  • Daisies are my favorite flower Chas and this is unbelievably beautiful and sweet and so welcoming. Thank you so much for sharing this. It’s just what I needed.

  • Wow! That’s a cute idea. I have a ton of those wooden clothespins that I have had for years. I now can make one of these wreaths and enjoy it. Happy Summer, Kippi


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