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Patriotic Mason Jars – so Many Uses!

Patriotic Mason Jars – so Many Uses!
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Mason Jars!!! There are so many uses for them, the possibilities are endless. You could use recycled jars for this project or I found these jars at Dollar Tree. This is a simple and inexpensive project that leads to so many uses and great for holidays!

You’ll need:

Mason Jars (Recycled or these came from Dollar Tree)

Glitter Glue (Dollar Tree)

Dry Erase Marker (Dollar Tree)

Stencils (optional – Walmart)

Fillers – see below…


First use your stencils and dry erase marker to write on your letters. You could free hand this if you want.

Use your glitter glue over the stenciled letters and let it dry completely. The glitter glue will go on “jelly like” and then shrink down as it dries. If you find holes after it dries, simply add more glitter glue. Let it dry completely, I let mine sit for 24 hours.

*Alternatively you could use USA stickers instead of the glitter glue if you like.

Here is what your jars will look like. There are so many possibilities to use these jars….


You can fill them with silverware for a decorative way to serve.

Fill them with lovely flowers and place them on your table or around the house for decor.

Add Candles, solar lights, or LED lights for some ambient lighting around your yard or home.

There are so many possibilities when it comes to mason jars!

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