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This artwork is inexpensive and easy. Anyone (including kids) can make it, and because it is inexpensive you can afford to make this kind of artwork for different seasons, holidays, occasions, etc.

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Materials Needed: 1 canvas, 1 set wall stickers, Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint of your choice, paint brush, stencils, and metallic marker, & Patricia Nimocks Acrylic Sealer

First you paint your canvas whatever color you want, and let it dry. I painted it with Apple Barrel black acrylic paint.

Pick your wall stickers – can be sayings, pictures, whatever you want, (I picked these dragonflies and dandelions, and they came from the Dollar Tree.) and place your stickers on your painted canvas any way you like.


Use your stencils (mine are from Plaid) to create a word of your choice. I gently placed mine out on my canvas, and then traced them with pencil to make sure my my placement was right. I then removed my stencils and colored in the letters with a metallic silver marker (also came from the Dollar Tree).

I then lightly sprayed the whole art piece with Patricia Nimock’s Acrylic Sealer.

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  1. Wow! What a fabulous idea! It would be so easy for kids to create a wonderful piece of artwork for their room or as a gift for their parents!

    1. Thank you Linda and you are so right. There are so many different ways to mix and match this easy idea.

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