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Make A Santa Head Out of a Mop

Make A Santa Head Out of a Mop
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Have you ever had a project you wanted to do but didn’t know how and couldn’t find a tutorial to help you?  It’s so frustrating when that happens.  I have been asked several times how to make a Santa head out of a mop. I decided to make one and create a tutorial to share.

I got this mop at Dollar Tree. I started by taking the mop head off the pole.

I took a portion of the mop strands and pulled them back behind the mop base and secured them like a ponytail with a rubber band.

I then sectioned off a few more strands just under the top part and pulled them on either side to become a mustache.

I hot glued on 2 google eyes, and a pom pom nose.

I twisted each mustache side, pulled both sides around back and created another ponytail using a rubber band to secure it.

I hot glued a small Santa hat onto the top .

I used some fishing line and pulled it through the mop strands, and tied it in a loop so the Santa could be hung if I wanted.

For now I just placed him on my mantel.

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