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Things To Do with a Cardboard Box

Things To Do with a Cardboard Box
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Do you end up with a lot of cardboard boxes?  Between the shipping, snack boxes, cereal boxes, and more it was time for another challenge.  Things to do with cardboard boxes…

An Address Sign

Cut out the size cardboard you like, add some contact paper, add your address numbers and feel free to fancy it up a bit.

For mine I added wood contact paper, added a “Welcome” sticker, and lastly I glued on the the numbers.  I hot glued twine on to hang it with, and my door is metal so I could have opted to use magnets on the back instead.  I have a storm door but if you don’t You might want to add clear contact paper over the top or coat it with a clear coat to protect it from the elements.


A Trash Can

This is a box from Goldfish Cracker snack bags.  I wrapped it in a fake foil back splash I got from Dollar Tree.  Add a trash bag and your’re ready to go.  *A little tip – these make great trashcans for the car.  You can add sticky back Velcro to hold it in place if you like.

A Faux Wooden Crate

I took one of those cardboard boxes with the handles in it and wrapped it in wood contact paper.

Now I can use it in the back of my car to keep the groceries from flying around, carry snacks to my son’s baseball games, costumes to our performances, etc.

Drawer Divider

This is my son’s drawer before and after.  I used box pieces to divide his large drawers into sections for his different sports clothes.  You could use this same concept in any drawer including bathroom and kitchens.

Make A  Mat For Your Frame

For this I used a cereal box.  Cut your cardboard to fit inside your frame.  I glued on some wrapping paper on top, cut out my center hold and inserted it into my frame.

Make Wall Art

Start by cutting your cardboard into strips, then draw on your curved end.

Cut out the curved shapes.  I needed 8 for my project.

Paint your shapes, I used Dixie Belle Daisy Paint.

Start hot gluing your shapes onto your mirror (or use a glue of your choice).  I found this mirror at Dollar Tree.

Hang up your wall art.  This one was inspired by sunflowers.

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