Heart Button Art Candle Holder

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I love all the button art there is out there, but I didn’t want to make another piece of framed artwork. I decided to make a button art candle holder for Valentine’s Day instead.

Materials Needed:

Candle holder (or recycled jar or vase) of your choice.

(I had mine and it was originally purchased from the Dollar Tree.)

Mod Podge

Paint Brush



1. I painted a heart shape on the candle holder with the Mod Podge.

2. I placed the buttons on the Mod Podged heart shape. I had to hold them just a little to make them stick. I moved the buttons around on in the heart shape until I got the look I liked.

3. Let Dry

4. Add a candle or battery operated tea light.


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  1. Adorable! I have a box of buttons somewhere. I remember the days when my parents/grandparents would cut buttons off of shirts then use the shirts for rags.

    1. Thanks Linda! It’s funny how interesting buttons can be used for so many fun things. I just found a thrift store that sells buttons by the bag full!

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