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Making Ornaments from Seasoning Shakers

Making Ornaments from Seasoning Shakers
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I was recently challenged to making unique ornaments out of salt and pepper shakers.  I came up with a few fun ideas to share with you.  Side note, they’d make great gifts this holiday season and fun for kids to make too.

This is my first shaker.

I started by pulling off the lid and putting fishing line through the holes so I’d have a way to hang it.

I then hot glued a little boy throwing a snowball figurine onto the bottom of the shaker.

I added fake snow balls to the bottom. I wanted to give the illusion that he was surrounded by the snowballs he was going to throw.

I added a small ornament of the famous red truck hauling a tree to the top of the ornament.

For my other matching shaker – I attached the string through the holes, added some Epsom salt to the bottom of the shaker, placed 3 mini pine cone ornaments into the jar on top of the Epsom salt. I hot glued a little twine around the lid, and topped it with a mini pine cone on the lid.

For my second set of shakers –

I hot glued a dab of glue onto some wax paper and placed a white bead on it. I then hot glued a total of 3 beads together to make a snowman.

I peeled the beads off the wax paper and now my snowman had a base. I drew a face on my snowman with permanent markers.

I placed Epsom salt in the shaker, and placed the snowman into the Epsom salt.

I added a couple confetti snowflakes on the bottom, and I hot glued a mini snowman hat onto the top. The hat was a clip meant to clip onto presents and such. I pulled off the clip before hot gluing it onto the lid. To hang it – I made a loop of fishing line, and I hot glued it onto the lid before hot gluing the hat onto the lid.

For my other shaker, I placed some Epsom salt onto the bottom of the shaker, hot glued some mini bulbs together and place them in the shaker. I hot glued on silver ribbon to the lid, and I painted the top of the lid with silver nail polish. I hot glued one more bulb to the top and tied fishing line through the bulb to hang it.

I turned this fake light bulb into a snow globe of sorts. I filled it with water, added 2 google eyes, 1 piece of orange ribbon cut like a triangle, and 5 mini pom poms. I added a label that said “melted snowman”.

I found this plastic snow globe at Dollar Tree, I brought it home, cut a photo into a circle shape, put it inside, added some buffalo snow to the base, screwed on the bottom, and hot glued silver ribbon to the base.

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