Christmas Light Up Canvas Art – Hometalk Live DIY!

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It was the end of November 2016 and it was my Hometalk Live Debut!  Just 1 short year after I started posting my projects on Hometalk, I was asked to be on Hometalk Live and create a new light up canvas art piece.  These photos are taking from the Facebook Live show, and you’ll see the end product after my show was complete.

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First paint your canvas – I used black acrylic paint which came from Walmart. Let it dry completely.

Add Mod Podge in the shape of a tree.

Pour glitter over the Mod Podge tree.

Dump off excess and let dry completely.

Write in your inspirational words with a metallic sharpie.    

Place out a strand of battery operated lights. Mine came from Dollar Tree.

Use an ice pick to make holes where you want the lights to go.

Push the lights in through the back.

Here is where I had to stop for the Hometalk Live but I wasn’t quite finished… so I continued later. I added more Mod Podge and glitter to the tree to get the look I wanted. I added white acrylic paint snow dots, and I sprayed it with Glitter Blast spray paint. To hold all the glitter in place, I decided to spray the whole thing once it was dry with acrylic sealer spray. I added jewel snowflake stickers – these came from Dollar Tree.

I bought a second strand of battery operated lights. These came from Walmart. I put the battery box on the back, poked a hole in the corner of the tree and pulled the lights through. I used a hot glue gun to help place the light strand onto the tree.

Here it is all the way done.   Thanks for having me on Hometalk Live DIY!   Now I’m celebrating my 1 year anniversary of doing Hometalk Lives – and what better than with another light up canvas art piece!

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  1. Naomie Moore says:

    So darn cute! These would make fantastic holiday gifts too. Your instructions are perfect. Great share! ????

    1. Thank you so much Naomie, so great to see you here my friend – thanks for stopping by 🙂

  2. Thank you for sharing! So pretty! One of these days I’ll get to your live show. I set my alarm last night then got distracted. ARGH!

    1. Thank you Linda, no worries on the Live shows. You don’t have to watch them Live, they are saved to my Facebook page for later viewing 🙂 I also add the Live video to the posts so you can watch them that way as well. Happy Thanksgiving and big hugs to you and your family!

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