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A Thankful Jar For the Holidays

A Thankful Jar For the Holidays
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The holidays are coming and I came up with a simple and inexpensive project that was easy to make, cause reflection, and become a great conversational piece for our holidays for years to come!

I started with a recycled jar. I washed it and then wiped it down with rubbing alcohol to make sure it was good and clean for the next step.

I added foil stickers to the front and the back of the jar that would reflect what the jar would represent.

Things we are grateful for…

and things to give thanks for.

I added a slotted lid to the top of the jar. This lid I was lucky enough to score at the Dollar Store.

Next keep some pieces of paper next to your jar and a pen.

Encourage anyone who wants to to write down things they are grateful and want to give thanks for.

Place them into the jar.

When everyone is ready, open the jar and read what everyone has written. It’ll create great conversation. I love that we’ll be able to use this every year and we could even leave it out all year.

Click on the video below to watch me make this thankful jar.  


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