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Times Square New Year’s Eve Ball

Times Square New Year’s Eve Ball
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Most years we get the chance to watch the New York’s Times Square New Year’s Eve Ball drop on TV.  I have been lucky enough to see this ball in Time’s Square and wanted to create our own to celebrate in our home.

For this project I used:

A light up bulb from Dollar Tree

Plastic shot glasses from Dollar Tree (2 packages)

Hot Glue Gun and Hot Glue

I started by hot gluing a shot glass onto the bottom of the ball. I worked from the bottom up as the on/off switch was at the top.

I then started hot gluing the shot glasses onto the bulb around the first shot glass in a circle.

I continued adding rows until the whole bulb was full of shot glasses. Turn on the light and it’s ready to glow. I love these bulbs as they change colors too.

You can hang it up you like, or set it on display somewhere.

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