Football Party!

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One simple idea will create a fantastic football party! So many options, and it’s inexpensive to make these items, many of which you have in your own home.

You’ll Need: A variety of glasses, mason jars, vases, cans, plastic cups… you pick what you want to work with. Athletic tape Scissors Options in this post below…

Take your athletic tape and cut a long strip and several small strips.

Stick this football pattern onto several different jars, vases, cans etc. and use them for…..

Drinks! Best part – use a sharpie so that everyone can write their name on the tape so they can keep track of their cup. If your pint classes have something printed on them, you can do the tape on the back side. Use what you have, you don’t have to go buy something new.

Hold Utensils! Optional – you could paint your can brown first before putting the tape on.

Serve snacks! The vase is holding pretzels and the mason jar is holding m&m’s. You could serve chips, guac, etc

A Vase! Use an old bottle and put flowers/flags, etc in team’s colors in it.

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  1. Hey Chas, you have such fun and great ideas! Love them. ๐Ÿ™‚

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