Simple Indoor/Outdoor Fire Bowl

Simple Indoor/Outdoor Fire Bowl
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I’m going to show you 2 fire bowls.  Both can be used inside or outside.  Several options to suit everyone’s needs.  It can safely put off heat, add ambiance, is great for survival emergencies like power outages, and is inexpensive to make.

Option 1:  More for Decoration & Ambiance Best Suited For Indoors

You’ll need:
A bowl of your choice
Decorative rock, sand, etc. (I used crushed mirror glass from IKEA)
A Sterno can (Dollar Tree)
A lighter

Place the Sterno can in the bowl.
Put your decorative rock around the Sterno can. I left the lid on to make sure I didn’t get any near the wick.
Remove the lid and set it aside, you’ll need it to put out the flame.  Light the flame.
This simple fire bowl only cost a few dollars to make!  This is great to have around in case of emergencies. If your power goes out you can use it to cook with.  (They make cooking sternos) Here is a video of both fire bowls and some extras – continue on for Firebowl #2…


Option 2 – Indoor/Outdoor Fire Bowl – great for emergency warmth!


You will need the following: A cookie tin (or other container of your choice) A empty can washed out Rocks or sand Wall Sticker, ribbon, or paint Hand Sanitizer Lighter

Use the wall sticker (mine came from Dollar Tree) to decorate the outside of the cookie tin. You could also glue on ribbon, or simply paint it.

Place an empty washed out can in the center of the cookie tin.

Add rocks around the tin can. You could use sand, or another decorative item of your choice.

Put the hand sanitizer in the tin can.

To protect your surface – I would suggest placing on a trivet, pot holder, etc.

Light the hand sanitizer. The alcohol content in the hand sanitizer is what will burn and alcohol is a clean burning fuel.

If using inside, be sure to crack a window for oxygen flow. Never leave a lit flame unattended.

This is great to have around in case of emergencies.

To put the fire out – simply save the can lid to snuff it, or you can lay a damp washcloth or towel over it.

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