Fireplace Ideas: The Heart of the Home

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Are you looking for fireplace ideas? Sitting by and watching a crackling fire has got to be one of life’s simple pleasures we could make use of more. Especially if we consider its role in relaxation and reduction of blood pressure. Call it a primordial need, or modern luxury, but having a fireplace at home is more than a welcome addition that allows you to cozy up and forget about the stresses of daily life with the soothing sound and warmth of the flames.

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Is It Worth Having a Fireplace?

This is the kind of element that can easily turn into the focal point in the room, be it the living room or the bedroom, and can instantly make your home infinitely more inviting and cozier, all of which boosts the quality of life indoors as you get to fully enjoy your living space. Don’t be surprised if you come to see everyone in the family enjoys this welcome addition, including your pets that would be more than happy to curl up next to it.

Besides waving the daily stress goodbye, there’s more to it than the mere unwinding, and that has to do with your energy costs. Getting firewood from sustainable sources means you can have an energy-efficient home that’s also low on the impact on the environment. The end result is feeling nice and toasty without paying a fortune as you would heating the rooms on the grid. It’s also an emergency must-have since it can be used to cook food and light up the home when power is out.

Many are the faces, sizes, and prices of elegant fireplaces today, so you’re likely to find one fit for the specifics of your abode no matter the style, size, or budget you have. Translation: you don’t have any excuse that prevents you from making it part of your lifestyle! But, if this too is cause for concern as you’d feel overwhelmed by all the options, then this post is for you, so you make the most of the shopping experience without the headache.

What Are the Most Common Types of Fireplaces?

Basically, there are three options you can choose from primarily differing in the fuel: wood, electric, and gas fireplaces.

wood fireplace

Wood Fireplace (Traditional Fireplace)

If you’re after the good old-fashioned fire, then you’re probably after the charm of the wood type. From the warmth and the sound to the aroma, this provides a multi-sensory experience unlike any other. Just keep in mind you’re going to have to take care of the supply of firewood, prep it and store it, and afterward ensure the cleanliness of the chimney when not in use to remove the flammable buildup.

In terms of choices, you have several subtypes of wood-burning fireplaces within the type, such as open hearth, closed hearth, fireplace inserts for old fireplace spaces, and freestanding wood fire stoves, besides the outdoor fireplace models. If you’re concerned about the flame and you don’t spend too much time around the home, then the open hearth may not be the ideal match for your necessities.

The closed hearth is perfect when you don’t want the hassle and danger of the flame, but it does require cleaning the glass every now and then. As for the insert, it’s a self-contained box that somewhat limits the range of the fire, whereas the freestanding wood stove gives you the flexibility to place it where you see fit as long as there’s a concrete slab to add it on.

One of its pros is it offers a unique rustic charm that can feel right at home in various styles, and since it’s freestanding you can easily remove it when the summer arrives so you provide a breezy vibe to the air. Speaking of flexibility, if you’re after some more variety with the fuel, perhaps the prefab wood fireplace that can be converted to gas in a jiffy with gas logs would be your ideal kind of hearth of the home.

electric fireplace

Electric Fireplace

If you don’t mind the electrical bills but want the charm and nostalgic feel the fireplace brings about, then the solution for you is to count on the best of both worlds in the design of an electric fireplace that’s simply an electric heater with the look and feel of a hearth.  As such, it’s easy to use, doesn’t produce flames or smoke, and doesn’t add to your cleaning chores.

It can appear in a range of designs, so it also offers a variety in terms of looks, but the most common choice is the wall-mounted which gives off a very contemporary feel. Depending on the design you choose, it can be portable too, and very easy to install without requiring any special skills or the help of a professional. One downside, however, is that this option doesn’t produce as much heat as the real deal or gas alternative, so it’s best used in areas with mild climates. Also, you can’t rely on this as a heat or light source in case of a power outage, making this option a little less reliable than the other two counterparts.

gas fireplace

Gas Fireplace

Want the look and feel of the wood fireplace with actual flames? Move over electric models, the gas produces the real flame-like magic with the smell and all. What’s more, they make for a cleaner alternative that’s easy to control as opposed to the actual wood since it’s the gas that produces the flame.

As such, you have a say in how much heat and flame you want, and when you want it. Once you’re done with heating up, simply switch the gas off and you’re done. You can even turn an existing fireplace into a gas one as long as you have the needed ventilation and choose the adequate gas log or gas insert for the specifics of your existing design. Much like the wood alternative, it offers light and warmth during blackouts too which is yet another plus you’d come to appreciate.

DIY Indoor Fire Bowl

How do you make an indoor fire pit or fire bowl? I’m going to share how to make a few and they can be used inside or outside.  It can safely put off heat, add ambiance, is great for survival emergencies like power outages, and is inexpensive to make.

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List of Fireplace Ideas

  1. Traditional Wood-Burning Fireplace: A classic and timeless choice, a traditional wood-burning fireplace offers an authentic and cozy ambiance, perfect for gathering around during colder months.
  2. Modern Gas Fireplace: Sleek and stylish, modern gas fireplaces provide convenience and easy operation. They often feature contemporary designs and can be installed in various indoor and outdoor settings.
  3. Electric Fireplace: Ideal for apartments or homes without chimneys, electric fireplaces offer the appearance of real flames without the need for any fuel. They come in various styles, including wall-mounted and freestanding options.
  4. Double-Sided Fireplace: A double-sided fireplace allows you to enjoy the warmth and beauty of the fire from two adjoining rooms, creating a seamless and open feel between spaces.
  5. Corner Fireplace: Maximize space and create a focal point in a room with a corner fireplace. It can be a great solution for rooms with limited wall space.
  6. Freestanding Stove: A freestanding stove, whether wood, gas, or pellet, offers a rustic and charming look and can be placed anywhere with proper ventilation.
  7. Fireplace with Built-in Bookshelves: Combine the beauty of a fireplace with the functionality of bookshelves to create a cozy reading nook or a sophisticated living room feature.
  8. Outdoor Fireplace: Extend your living space to the outdoors with an outdoor fireplace. It can be a focal point for your patio or backyard and provides warmth for gatherings even in colder weather.
  9. Fireplace with a Stone Surround: A stone fireplace surround adds a natural and rustic touch, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.
  10. Hanging Fireplace: For a modern and daring look, consider a hanging or suspended fireplace that appears to float in the room, adding a unique design element.
  11. Freestanding Bioethanol Fireplace: Bioethanol fireplaces are eco-friendly and require no venting. A freestanding version can be moved around the house as needed.
  12. Fireplace with a Mantel Shelf: Enhance your fireplace with a mantel shelf that provides space for displaying artwork, photos, or decorative items.
  13. Fireplace with Tile Surround: Choose from a variety of tile designs to create a stunning and personalized fireplace surround that complements your decor.
  14. Fireplace with a TV Above: Mounting a TV above the fireplace creates a functional and space-saving entertainment center.
  15. Modern Fireplace: Contemporary and stylish, modern fireplaces often feature clean lines, minimalist designs, and innovative fuel options like bioethanol or electric.
  16. Wood-Burning Stove: A wood-burning stove offers a rustic and efficient heating solution, providing a cozy and traditional feel to the space.
  17. Faux Fireplace: If you desire the look of a fireplace without the need for actual heat, a faux fireplace can be a decorative and charming addition to your home, often with options for faux flames and logs.

Remember to consider your home’s overall style and your personal preferences when selecting a fireplace design. Additionally, prioritize safety and have your fireplace or stove professionally installed and maintained for optimal performance.


What are the latest trends in fireplaces?

  1. Ethanol Fireplaces: Ethanol fireplaces were becoming increasingly popular due to their eco-friendly and clean-burning nature. These fireplaces do not require a chimney and can be easily installed in various indoor and outdoor settings.
  2. Ventless Gas Fireplaces: Ventless gas fireplaces were gaining popularity as they don’t require a chimney or venting system, making them more flexible in terms of installation and placement.
  3. Linear and Contemporary Designs: Modern and sleek designs were becoming more sought after, with linear fireplaces and minimalist aesthetics being preferred by homeowners and interior designers.
  4. Multi-Sided Fireplaces: Fireplaces with multiple glass sides were in vogue, offering views of the flames from different angles and making them a focal point in both residential and commercial spaces.
  5. Customization Options: Customers were increasingly interested in personalized fireplaces tailored to their specific needs and preferences. This included custom sizes, finishes, and fuel options.
  6. Remote Control and Smart Integration: Home automation and smart technology integration were influencing the fireplace industry, with features like remote control operation, mobile app control, and voice-activated controls becoming more common.
  7. Environmentally-Friendly Options: As sustainability and environmental concerns grew, there was an increasing demand for energy-efficient and low-emission fireplaces that use renewable fuels.
  8. Incorporating Fireplaces into Unusual Spaces: Fireplaces were being integrated into unexpected places like bathrooms, bedrooms, and kitchen islands, adding both practical and aesthetic value to these spaces.

What is the most popular fireplace surround?

  1. Tile Surrounds: Tile surrounds offered a wide range of design possibilities. From classic subway tiles to intricate mosaic patterns, tiles were favored for their versatility, durability, and ability to complement various interior styles.
  2. Marble Surrounds: Marble has been a timeless choice for fireplace surrounds, exuding elegance and luxury. It comes in various colors and veining patterns, making each piece unique.
  3. Brick Surrounds: Brick fireplace surrounds offered a rustic and charming appeal, particularly in farmhouse or traditional-style homes.
  4. Stone Surrounds: Natural stone, such as limestone, granite, or slate, provided a more organic and textured look. Stone surrounds were often used to create a focal point in contemporary or rustic interiors.
  5. Wood Surrounds: Wood fireplace surrounds, including mantels and decorative accents, were popular for their warm and inviting atmosphere. Different wood types, stains, and finishes allowed for various design options.
  6. Concrete Surrounds: Modern and industrial-style homes often featured concrete fireplace surrounds, offering a sleek and minimalist look.
  7. Metal Surrounds: For a contemporary or industrial touch, metal fireplace surrounds in materials like stainless steel or iron were used.
  8. Custom and Artisanal Surrounds: Homeowners sought unique and custom-made fireplace surrounds, often crafted by artisans or incorporating handcrafted elements.

How do you style a room around a fireplace?

Styling a room around a fireplace involves creating a cohesive and balanced design that accentuates the fireplace as a focal point while ensuring the overall space is visually appealing and functional. Here are some steps and tips to help you style a room around a fireplace:

  1. Assess the Space: Begin by analyzing the room’s layout, size, and architectural features, including the location and design of the fireplace. Consider the room’s purpose and the activities that will take place in the space.
  2. Choose a Design Style: Decide on the design style you want to achieve in the room. Whether it’s traditional, modern, rustic, industrial, or any other style, the fireplace’s design should align with the overall theme.
  3. Focal Point Emphasis: Position the furniture and other elements in the room to draw attention to the fireplace as the focal point. Arrange seating and key pieces of furniture around the fireplace to create a cozy and inviting conversation area.
  4. Mantel Decor: If your fireplace has a mantel, use it as a display area for decor and personal touches. Arrange artwork, mirrors, or a collection of decorative objects on the mantel to add visual interest and personality.
  5. Fireplace Surround: Consider the material and style of the fireplace surround. If it’s a bold and eye-catching material, ensure that other elements in the room complement rather than compete with it. For more subdued surrounds, you can use bolder decor pieces to create contrast.
  6. Color Palette: Choose a color palette that complements the fireplace and the overall room design. Consider the colors in the fireplace surround, and use them as inspiration for selecting paint, furniture, and decor colors.
  7. Symmetry and Balance: Aim for balance in the room by using symmetrical arrangements on either side of the fireplace. Symmetry creates a sense of harmony and order.
  8. Lighting: Incorporate appropriate lighting to enhance the ambiance around the fireplace. Wall sconces, floor lamps, or table lamps can create a cozy atmosphere and highlight the fireplace area.
  9. Rugs and Flooring: Select a rug that anchors the furniture arrangement and complements the fireplace surround. Consider how the flooring material and pattern work with the overall design.
  10. Fireplace Tools and Accessories: If the fireplace is functional, choose stylish fireplace tools and accessories that fit the room’s design. A stylish log holder or fireplace screen can add to the overall aesthetic.
  11. Greenery and Natural Elements: Incorporate plants or other natural elements to add life and freshness to the space. Greenery can soften the room and create a more inviting atmosphere.
  12. Personal Touches: Finally, add personal touches such as family photos, artwork, or sentimental decor items to make the room feel like home.

Remember, the key is to create a cohesive and harmonious space that showcases the fireplace while reflecting your personal style and needs. Feel free to experiment and make adjustments until you achieve the desired look and feel.


How can I make my old fireplace look good?

Making an old fireplace look good can breathe new life into your living space and create a charming focal point. Here are some ideas and tips to refresh and enhance the appearance of your old fireplace:

  1. Clean and Repair: Start by giving the fireplace a thorough cleaning to remove soot, dirt, and debris. Repair any visible damage to the fireplace surround or mantel to ensure a solid and well-maintained foundation.
  2. Paint or Refinish: Consider painting the fireplace surround and mantel in a fresh, updated color. Neutral tones like white, cream, or light gray can give the fireplace a clean and timeless look. If the fireplace is made of brick or stone, you can also consider using a limewash or whitewash to update the appearance while still maintaining some of the natural texture.
  3. Update the Mantel: If your old mantel feels outdated or too plain, consider upgrading it to a more stylish or decorative design. A new mantel can significantly impact the overall look of the fireplace.
  4. Add Tile or Tile Stickers: If you have a plain or damaged fireplace surround, consider adding new tiles or tile stickers to create a unique and eye-catching design. Tiles with interesting patterns or textures can transform the fireplace into a statement piece.
  5. Install a Fireplace Insert: If your old fireplace is not functional or inefficient, consider installing a fireplace insert. Fireplace inserts can improve energy efficiency, provide better heat output, and give the fireplace a more updated appearance.
  6. Upgrade the Hearth: The hearth is the area in front of the fireplace, and updating it can make a difference in the overall look. You can consider using a different material like tile, stone, or a stylish rug to enhance the hearth’s appearance.
  7. Add Decorative Elements: Incorporate decorative elements on the mantel, such as artwork, mirrors, or decorative objects. These items can add personality and interest to the fireplace area.
  8. Illuminate the Fireplace: Install lighting on or around the fireplace to highlight its features and create a warm ambiance. Wall sconces or LED strip lights can be great options for accent lighting.
  9. Accessorize with Firewood: If your fireplace is functional, stack firewood neatly inside or beside it to add a rustic and inviting touch.
  10. Incorporate Plants: Place potted plants or a vase with fresh flowers on the mantel or around the fireplace to bring a touch of nature and freshness to the space.
  11. Use Decorative Screens: If your fireplace is not in use, consider placing a decorative screen or a collection of candles inside to fill the empty space and add visual interest.
  12. Add a Mirror: Hang a mirror above the mantel to create the illusion of more space and reflect light, making the room feel brighter and more spacious.

Remember to consider your personal style and the overall decor of the room when updating your old fireplace. By combining a few of these ideas, you can transform your old fireplace into a stunning feature that complements your living space.

What fireplace inserts are the best?

  1. Gas Fireplace Inserts: Gas fireplace inserts are favored for their convenience and ease of use. They can efficiently heat a room, and many models offer remote control and thermostat settings for precise temperature regulation. Direct vent gas inserts are particularly popular since they don’t require a chimney and are more efficient and safer than ventless models.
  2. Wood Fireplace Inserts: Wood fireplace inserts are known for their classic charm and the authentic feel of a traditional wood-burning fireplace. They can provide a cozy ambiance and excellent heat output. Make sure to choose a model with good insulation and efficient combustion to reduce smoke and maximize heat production.
  3. Pellet Fireplace Inserts: Pellet inserts burn compressed wood pellets, offering a more eco-friendly option compared to traditional wood-burning inserts. They can be automated and offer adjustable heat settings for convenience.
  4. Electric Fireplace Inserts: Electric inserts are easy to install since they don’t require venting or a chimney. They offer the ambiance of a fire with adjustable flame settings and can also include a heater to warm up a room. They are energy-efficient and provide a hassle-free heating solution.
  5. Ethanol Fireplace Inserts: Ethanol inserts are environmentally friendly and don’t require a vent or chimney. They are easy to install and offer real flames without producing smoke or harmful emissions. However, their heat output may be more limited compared to other fuel types.
  6. Dual-Fuel Fireplace Inserts: Some fireplace inserts offer the flexibility of using multiple fuels, such as gas and wood or gas and pellets. These inserts allow you to switch between fuels based on your preferences or availability.

When selecting a fireplace insert, consider factors like the size and layout of your room, the level of heat output you need, the availability of the chosen fuel type, and any specific features that are important to you, such as remote control operation or programmable thermostats. Additionally, make sure to have your fireplace insert installed by a professional to ensure safety and proper functionality.

Are you looking for fireplace ideas? Sitting by a crackling fire has got to be one of life’s simple pleasures we could make use of more.

What is the best way to decorate a fireplace mantel?

Here’s a list of fireplace mantel and fireplace decor ideas to help you create a beautiful and inviting focal point in your home:

Fireplace Mantel Ideas:

  1. Minimalist Mantel: Keep it simple and clean with a minimalist mantel, featuring a few carefully chosen decor pieces, such as a single vase with fresh flowers or a sleek piece of artwork.
  2. Rustic Wood Mantel: Embrace the natural beauty of wood with a rustic mantel. Choose a reclaimed or distressed wood piece to add warmth and character to the fireplace.
  3. Decorative Mirror: Hang a large decorative mirror above the mantel to reflect light and make the room feel more spacious. Mirrors also add an elegant touch to the fireplace area.
  4. Seasonal Display: Change the mantel decor with the seasons. For example, display pumpkins and fall foliage in autumn, and switch to festive ornaments and greenery during the holidays.
  5. Artwork Gallery: Create an art gallery on the mantel by displaying a collection of framed artwork or photographs. Mix and match different sizes and styles for an eclectic look.
  6. Layered Frames: Layer frames of various sizes and shapes on the mantel for a dynamic and visually interesting display.
  7. Candlescape: Arrange a group of candles in different heights and styles on the mantel to create an enchanting and cozy ambiance.
  8. Vintage Mantel Decor: Use vintage items like old books, vintage clocks, or antique vases to add charm and character to the mantel.
  9. Themed Mantel: Choose a theme for your mantel decor, such as coastal, farmhouse, or bohemian, and incorporate elements that align with that theme.
  10. Greenery and Foliage: Add life and freshness to the mantel with potted plants, vases of fresh flowers, or faux greenery garlands.

Fireplace Decor Ideas:

  1. Fireplace Screen: Use a decorative fireplace screen to add style and safety to the fireplace when it’s not in use.
  2. Firewood Storage: Arrange firewood in a stylish log holder or decorative basket near the fireplace to add a rustic touch.
  3. Hearth Rug: Place a hearth rug in front of the fireplace to protect the flooring and add a cozy element to the space.
  4. Decorative Fireplace Tools: Choose attractive fireplace tools with decorative handles to hang near the fireplace for a functional and stylish addition.
  5. Decorative Grate: Replace the standard fireplace grate with a decorative one to enhance the overall appearance of the fireplace.
  6. Mantel Clock: Add a vintage or modern mantel clock to the mantel for a functional and decorative piece.
  7. Seasonal Garland: Decorate the fireplace with seasonal garlands made of leaves, flowers, or other festive elements.
  8. Antique Decor: Display antique fireplace tools, vintage tongs, or old-fashioned bellows as part of the decor to add a touch of history.
  9. Framed Art or Mirror Above the Fireplace: Draw attention to the fireplace by hanging a large piece of artwork or a statement mirror above the mantel.
  10. String Lights: Add a cozy and whimsical touch by draping string lights around the mantel or fireplace.

Remember to consider the overall style of your home and your personal preferences when selecting fireplace mantel and decor ideas. Mix and match different elements to create a look that reflects your taste and enhances the beauty of your fireplace area.

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