Easy and Inexpensive Water Fountain/Feature

Easy and Inexpensive Water Fountain/Feature
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You can make a water fountain/feature in your yard in just about any container. Great for ambiance in your back yard and it’s easy and inexpensive!

You’ll need a container of your choice. I am using my wash tub that I have used for so many things – beverage holder, bobbing for apples and now it’ll be a water fountain. You can use flower pots, stock pots, bowls, buckets, etc.

Next you’ll need a Container Fountain Kit. The above one is mine from Walmart.  It runs around $20 and I bought it at the end of the season last year on clearance for $11. You can find them on Amazon by clicking here for around $20.  The one below is at Lowes for around $20.

Follow the directions for putting the fountain together – it’s easy only a couple steps. It comes with a couple different fountain heads that disperse the water differently. You can adjust the height, the way the water comes out of the fountain top, and the noise amount the water makes.

Once the fountain is put together, fill your container with water, put the fountain in, and plug it in. That’s it your done! Want to put your fountain somewhere where there isn’t power? No problem, they sell solar panel fountain kits too.

I left the bottom of my container empty for you to see the kit. You can get creative, add rocks, marbles, clear stones, etc. There’s lots of ways to get creative.

We put our fountain under our gazebo. We eat outside a lot when the weather is nice and enjoy the sound of the fountain. We recently had a friend tell us the sound was relaxing and was putting them to sleep.

Hope you have fun building your fountain too!

As seen on Hometalk Live – you can see the video by clicking the picture below…

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