13 Amazing and Easy Car Cleaning Tips and More

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 My dad owns a body shop and has taught me several car cleaning tips. We recently bought a “new to us” car and it was in need of some cleaning, stocking, and deodorizing. He has taught me the best way to clean a car’s interior and exterior. If you are like me, there is a good chance the exterior of your car and the car interior could use a thorough cleaning and a professional detailer will cost an arm and a leg. We recently bought a “new to us” car and it was in need of some cleaning, stocking, and deodorizing. Read ahead for DIY car cleaning hacks and learn how to put everyday household items to good use for car detailing.

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Let’s get started with the cleaning process

Car Cleaning Tips and Instructions

Keep Your Car Interior Clean

Deodorize Your Car

Sprinkle your fabric car seats, floor, back, etc with baking soda. Let sit in the car for 30 minutes and then use a vacuum cleaner to clean it up. This will help neutralize and deodorize your car.

Clean & Dust Your Car

Using a damp microfibre cloth is the easiest way to clean the loose dirt from the surfaces of your car including – the dashboard, door panels, seats, etc., and don’t forget the door jambs! If you have a pet hair problem you can also use lint rollers before you vacuum.

Clean Your Vents

Clean your air vents by using compressed air to spray them out, and then use a damp foam paint brush to wipe the small crevices of the vents clean. This is the perfect tool for the job.

Clean Your Inside Windshield

You can use glass cleaner or use a damp microfiber towel and clean the inside of your car windows.

Keep Cup Holders Clean

Place paper muffin cups or small coffee filters into your center console cup holders and replace them as they get dirty.

Emergency Equipment & Important Supplies

I always keep jumper cables, a jack, a flashlight, rain ponchos, sunscreen, bug spray, water bottles, blankets, a first aid kit, hand sanitizer, and Kleenex in my car.

Disinfectant, Spot Remover, Upholstery, and Carpet Cleaner

You can buy cleaning products like upholstery cleaner, use cleaning wipes (like bleach wipes to get rid of bacteria), or make your own. I mix 1 tablespoon of Dawn dish soap and water in a spray bottle as a stain remover and all purpose cleaner. Spray on upholstery & floor mats to clean and spot treat. Spray on door handles, seat belts, etc to disinfect. Wipe up with a clean cloth.

If you have leather and vinyl seats, you’ll want to use a leather conditioner on them to stop them from drying out and cracking.

Vacuum Your Car

Make sure to vacuum your carpet, seats, to clean up all of the grime and debris. It’ll also suck up any pet hair from your pets if they travel with you.

Make a Trash Can

I used a basket from Dollar Tree. I added self adhesive hook and loop fasteners on the bottom of the basket. I inserted a plastic bag and held it in place with a rubber band, and stuck it to the floor.

Air Freshener

Place dryer sheets under the seats as an air freshener.

When you’re done with the interior car cleaning it’s time to move to the exterior of the car.

Exterior Car Cleaning

Clean Head & Tail Lights

Place some regular toothpaste on a microfiber cloth and buff your head and tail lights clean. Toothpaste is a great cleaning solution for headlights that don’t require much elbow grease. Wash off the toothpaste and watch them shine. Great for removing bugs too!

Remove Bugs, Tree Sap, & Tar

Spray WD-40 onto bugs, tree sap, or tar then wipe off with a clean rag.

Wash the Outside of Your Car

I use Dawn dish soap and warm water and wash my car from top to bottom. Going in sections and rinsing off with a hose is best so the soapy mixture doesn’t dry onto the car’s surface.

Streak Free Finish

Use a chamois to wipe off the body of your car to prevent streaking. Start with the windows first, then wipe the rest of the car from top to bottom.

Car Cleaning Tips Video

Other Car Cleaning Tips include:

  • Clean your steering wheel to eliminate germs
  • Add window cleaner while cleaning your car.
  • Cover your seats this way you can throw them in a washing machine to clean them.
  • Put a sun cover on your dash to protect the interior from direct sunlight
  • Keep some napkins and baby wipes in your glove compartment for easy cleanup of a sticky mess.
  • Use an old toothbrush to clean out your vents, you can use a cotton swab as well.
  • Lift your windshield wiper during snow so that it won’t get stuck to your windshield and damaged by your scraper.
  • Cover your back seat with a towel or blanket if you have kids to protect it.
  • Place a couple of drops of essential oils on a cotton ball and place it under the seats to keep the interior of your car smelling fresh. This is a more natural way than air fresheners
  • Use a wash mitt when washing your car as this will help you get into grooves better than a sponge.
  • Use a magic eraser to get rid of scuffs inside your car
  • Place a protector on the back of the front seats if you have kids to keep them clean
  • Use clean water and a cotton cloth to blot up stubborn stains on your cloth seats
  • Use a leather cleaner on leather seats, and don’t use olive oil as that can go rancid.
  • Don’t go through a regular car wash if you have a convertible top.
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