13 Car Cleaning Tips & More

13 Car Cleaning Tips & More
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 My dad owns a body shop and has taught me several tips on how to take care of my car. We recently bought a “new to us” car and it was in need of some cleaning, stocking, and deodorizing.

Deodorize Your Car –

Sprinkle your car seats, floor, back, etc with baking soda. Let sit in the car for 30 minutes and then vacuum it out. This will help neutralize and deodorize your car.

Clean Head & Tail Lights –

Place some regular toothpaste on a microfiber cloth and buff your head and tail lights clean. Wash off the toothpaste and watch them shine. Great for removing bugs too!

Clean & Dust Your Car –

Use a damp microfiber cloth and wipe off all the surfaces of your car including – dash, doors, seats, etc.

Clean Your Vents –

Clean your vents by using compressed air to spray them out, and then use a damp foam paint brush to wipe the vents clean.

Clean Your Inside Windshield –

Use a damp microfiber cloth and clean the inside of your windshield.

Remove Bugs, Tree Sap, & Tar –

Spray WD-40 onto bugs, tree sap, or tar then wipe off with a damp cloth.

Keep Cup Holders Clean –

Place paper muffin cups into your cup holders and replace as they get dirty.

Emergency Equipment & Important Supplies –

I always keep jumper cables, a jack, flashlight, rain ponchos, sunscreen, bug spray, water bottles, blankets, first aid kit, hand sanitizer, and Kleenex in my car.

Disinfectant, Spot Remover, Cleaner –

Mix 1 tablespoon Dawn dish soap and water in a squirt bottle. Spray on upholstery & floor mats to clean and spot treat. Spray on door handles, seat belts, etc to disinfect. Wipe up with a microfiber cloth.

Make a Trash Can –

I used a basket from Dollar Tree. I added self adhesive hook and loop fasteners on the bottom of the basket. I inserted a bag and held it in place with a rubber band, and stuck it to the floor.

Air Freshener –

Place a dryer sheet or two under the seats as an air freshener.

Wash Your Car –

I use Dawn dish soap and wash my car from top to bottom. Going in sections and rinsing off it’s best so the soapy mixture doesn’t dry onto the car.

Streak Free Finish –

Use a chamois to wipe your car off for a streak free finish. Start with the windows first, then wipe the rest of the car from top to bottom.


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