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How To Make Bath Bombs

How To Make Bath Bombs
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My family loves bath bombs!  I have finally found a recipe that works (yes, there were several attempts with some big failures).  I’m ready to share this recipe with you – easy to personalize, great gift idea, and easy to make with most house hold items right in your home.

You’ll start with the dry ingredients first.

In a large bowl, add 1 cup of baking soda.

Next you’ll add 3 Tablespoons of Citric Acid.  You can find this at your grocery store or purchase it online.  Citric Acid is what makes your bath bomb “fizz”.

Add 3 Tablespoons cornstarch.

Mix these ingredients together.  A whisk works really well for this project.  It helps to break up any lumps in this first step and will help with the next set of ingredients as well.

Next you’ll move onto the wet ingredients.  I am making the basic recipe here so you can add the wet ingredients separately for this version – I call it the snowball version, no color, no scents.

Add 3 Tablespoons of any oil of your choice.  (Almond, Coconut, Olive, Canola, etc.) and whisk.

If you are wanting to add scents and color – add a few drops of food color, and for scents add a few drops of essential oil.  Mix with the oil first and then whisk into the dry ingredients.

After the above is mixed together well, check the consistency.  Does it stick together or does it need a little more liquid.  You should be able to press it together and it’ll stick if it’s ready, not crumble.

Most likely you’ll need some water.  Whisk as you add about 1 Tablespoon or less of water.  Whisk while you pour the water in as you don’t want the citric acid to react.

Whisk all the ingredients together until the mixture is evenly mixed together.

You’ll need a mold and there are lots of choices.  You can purchase a mold from a store or online, you can use ice cube trays or silicone trays, and what I’m using are 2 small bowls.

Pack your bath bomb in the mold.

You can stop there to make a bomb tablet or fill up a second mold/bowl.

Take the 2 half molds/bowls and press them together.

You’ll need to let your bath bombs set for 2 days.  You can either leave them in the mold that long, or carefully take them out to dry.

When taking them out of the mold, lightly tap the outside of the mold with a spoon to help them release.

Click on the video below to watch me make this Bath Bombs.  


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Mix baking soda and citric acid…

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