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Thrift Store Laundry Sign Upcycle

Thrift Store Laundry Sign Upcycle
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I found this laundry soap sign at a local thrift store in our town.  I love this thrift store because it’s proceeds fun a local charity.  I knew with a little paint I could upcycle it and put it in my laundry room.

Here is the original sign that I bought for $1 at the local thrift store.  What a deal right?  I just couldn’t leave it there for that price.

I started by painting the indent of the sign with Folk Art Home Decor Chalk paint in the color white. It took 2 coats and I let it dry between each coat.

I also decided to paint the outside edge as well.  I got a little sloppy but I knew I’d be covering the rest with a darker color.

I then painted the letters, heart, and 5 cents with Folk Art Home Decor Chalk Paint in the color Castle.

I also painted the outside of the frame work. I used some painters tape to avoid painting on the white paint I had already done.

I let that dry completely and peeled off the painters tape.

I hung it up in my laundry room and love how it turned out.

To see the video click the link below…  

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