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Easy Beauty and the Beast Rose Cloche

Easy Beauty and the Beast Rose Cloche
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When my daughter was turning 16 a couple years back she wanted to see the new movie “Beauty and the Beast”. She watched that movie all the time when she was little and after Harry Potter she is a huge Emma Watson fan! I wanted to make a couple decorations for her birthday.  With a vase, candle holder, some dollar store flowers and petals, and a little glue I made her the famous rose in a cloche from the movie.

You’ll need the following supplies:

A vase

A bouquet of flowers

A wire cutter pliers

A candle holder dish

Hot glue gun and glue

First you’ll need to pick the flower from the bouquet that you like the most. Cut it off with the wire cutters.

Using the wire cutting pliers, you’ll need to bend the bottom of the wire – this will be how you glue the rose to the plate to help it free stand.

Using your glue gun, glue the bent wire of the flower onto the candle holder plate.

You’ll need to watch as it cools to see if and where you might need to add more hot glue to build a good base to help the rose stand free.

Once you have the rose in place, let the glue cool completely.

To hide the glue at the bottom of the rose, pull apart one of the other roses from the bouquet.

You’ll do this by pulling the bud off the stem, and then pull the green plastic apart to free the petals. If your petals are connected, you can use a scissors to cut the petals apart and shape them as you desire.

Alternatively you can buy 1 package of rose petals from Dollar Tree as well.

Use the rose petals to cover the glue holding the free standing rose in place.

You’ll take your vase and place it over the rose and onto the candle holder dish.

Place your Beauty and the Beast rose cloche somewhere in your home to enjoy.

If you are at all concerned about the vase not being secure on your candle holder dish, you can glue it to them together by using hot glue, E6000, or another adhesive of your choice.

My daughter was so pleased with her decoration, and loved how the petal gave the illusion that it was falling off. When her birthday was all said and done, she decided she wanted to keep it.

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