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Easy St. Patrick’s Day Glass

Easy St. Patrick’s Day Glass
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Great for parties – this glass is easy, inexpensive, and a great gift idea.
You will need:
A glass (Dollar Tree)
A dry erase marker
Heart shaped stickers
Place your first sticker on a clean glass.
Continue putting the other 3 hearts on to complete the clover shape.
Use the dry erase marker to create a stem. You can also use the dry erase marker to write a person’s name on the glass to keep track of glasses if you were having a St. Patrick’s Day party.
Enjoy your glasses for St. Patrick’s day. When the day is over, wash the glasses and the stickers & dry erase marker will clean right off.

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Comments (4)

  • You are a genius! Why has this not been done before? ? I have hundreds of really cute stickers just like this. Could be done for any theme or holiday. Even on recycle plastic cups for backyard gatherings. Brilliant!!! ❤

  • This idea would be great for any kind of party! I’ll bet it would work on plastic glasses too for summer parties that are held outside. No more wondering if you have the right glass. Great idea, Chas!

    • Oh I like that Linda, great idea. We have always used Sharpies to put names on plastic cups but doing the stickers would be fun. 🙂


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