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Recycled Jars to Bunnies & Chicks

Recycled Jars to Bunnies & Chicks
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I wanted to share how I used some recycled jars to turn them in to spring decor – bunnies and chicks!  It’s easy and great fun for the kids too!

For my first two, I painted 2 recycle jars.  I used paint I had on hand.

I painted a chick face on one using Sharpies.  I think I might get some yellow feathers and add them to the top.

For the bunny, I hot glued 2 pipe cleaners onto the top inside of the jar for ears, and glued on a pink pom pom for his nose.  I used a Sharpie to draw on his face.

I glued a pom pom on his back for a tail.

For my next jar, I frosted the glass.

I used my Sharpie to draw on a bunny face and ears.

I added a batter operated LED light to him to light him up.  You could also use it as a vase for flowers.

For this one I used a plastic orange juice container.  I frosted the container.

I drew on the bunny face with my Sharpies.

This one I will put water in the bottom of the jar to hold it steady.  I added a solar light to the top so it’ll light up outside.

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