Pouring Teapot & Tea Cup

Pouring Teapot & Tea Cup
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I originally made a pouring teapot and tea cup display for my yard.  I decided to upgrade it with a challenge from Hometalk and the inspiration from a Hometalk post you can find here.

Here is the original I made and you can find the tutorial for it here

To do this project you’ll need:

Teapot, Tea Cup & Saucer, Floral Vase, E6000, Silicone, 5 Ft. 1/2 ” Copper Pipe, 2 garden stakes, 1/2″ galvanized floor flange, 1/2″ copper male adapter, 1/2″ copper elbow, crystal decoration, copper tube cutter

Screw the male adapter into the flange, and E6000 your elbow into the male adapter.

Use the silicone to adhere the flange onto the bottom of the teapot.  Let everything dry for 24 hours.

Place silicone on the bottom of the flower vase.

Place the vase on the bottom of the saucer of the tea cup.

Place silicone on the bottom of the tea cup.

Place the tea cup on the saucer, and let the whole thing dry for 24 hours.

Measure your copper pipe mark with a sharpie where you would like to cut it.  We cut the pipe at 34″.

We used a copper tube cutter to cut the pipe where we wanted it to be cut.

Now to put it together – place the garden stakes in the ground or in a large flower pot.

Place the copper pipe over the garden stakes.

Place the teacup on one of the copper pipes.

Place the teapot on the other copper pipe.

That’s it, your done 🙂

I decorated around with with some of my other crazy creations.

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