Light Up New Year Sign and Countdown Banner Game

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New Year’s Eve is coming and I wanted to create a little decor and something fun to do with my family.  I decided to make a new light up sign and a countdown banner game that will bring my family together for some fun.

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I started with by painting my canvas with some Folk Art Chalkboard Paint and let that dry completely.

Next I placed my Folk Art Holiday Stencil onto the canvas and secured it with some painters tape. I used some Home Decor White Chalk Paint and pounced my stencil brush onto the stencil. I carefully removed the stencil and let that dry.

I used some Mod Podge and placed some confetti onto the canvas.

I coated the whole canvas with Sparkle Mod Podge and let that dry completely.

I hot glued on some silver garland around the canvas.

I bought some LED lights from Walmart and placed them onto the canvas approximately where I wanted the lights to go. I then used my punch to make holes where I wanted the lights to shine through.

I flipped the piece over and started hot gluing the lights into place so that the lights would be in the holes.

I used a piece of gaffers tape to hold the battery pack in place on the back of the piece. This will allow me to turn the piece on and off as well as replace the batteries in the pack.

I am super thrilled with how it turned out!

Now onto the family fun activities…

I bought silver and gold stars from Dollar Tree and stenciled numbers onto each star. The numbers represent the time of the evening… 8pm, 9pm, 10pm, 11pm, “Happy New Year” = Midnight.

I hung up star lights I found at Target in the dollar section, and a strand of silver beaded garland. I secured them into place using painters tape.

I then clipped on each star onto the garland with a colorful clothespin.

As it reaches 8pm, we’ll pull the star down and see what is written on the back side of the star. I wrote down activities on a post it note and that way they can be changed year to year.

8pm = Board Games

9pm = Video Games

10pm = Movie

11pm = our movie will still be going so no new activity here, just pull it down.

Midnight – we toast, give cheers, share our resolutions, etc.

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  1. You’re so creative – love the New Year sign! The stars banner is a fun idea too!

    1. Thank you so much Carol, we are looking forward to using them this year.

  2. I love the star idea!
    Such a creative way to keep the family together and a great way to enjoy the festivities.
    We will have our grandsons with us over the New Year, maybe I will take from this and make our time fun.

    Thank you for sharing!

    Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones~

    1. Thank you so much Debbie, I’m so excited to do this this year. I love that you’ll have your grand kids and want to adapt this for some fun with them. Merry Christmas!

  3. My favorite part is the silvery garland around the sign. Nice touch!

  4. thanks so much for sharing the how tos for this project. So useful
    come see us at

    1. Thank you so much Angie and I’ll be sure to stop by.

  5. What fun, Chas! And what a great sign! I like the idea of sharing resolutions at midnight. Sharing on the H&S Facebook page. Thank you so much for sharing, and for being a part of the Hearth and Soul Link Party. Please do continue to share with this week’s party and hope to see you at the first Hearth and Soul Link Party of 2019 on 7th January. Happy New Year!

    1. Thank you so much April and you are such a great host – thank you for that too 🙂 I love your resolution idea, we will have to incorporate that on the last star. Looking forward to sharing and cheers to a New Year!

  6. I can sympathized with your mum. Chemo is tough. I went through two different types of chemo for breast cancer. It was the hardest thing I’ve done in my life. I thought death was a better choice. I had no energy except to stare at the ceiling for months. Couldn’t stand at the sink to brush my teeth or take a shower. I gave up after the 9th treatment and was supposed to go for 15. Just tell your mum that it is hard. She will get through it with love and help from family and friends. It takes courage. I’m writing this after 5 years of being cancer free. I feel for your mum. Blessings and Happy 2022. xo

  7. Chas, wow! What an organized New Year’s Eve and such fun! Sorry to hear about your mom…chemotherapy is very tough. Keeping you both in my prayers. Happy New Year, my friend!

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