Christmas Ideas That Are Easy and Inexpensive

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Wow! How fast has this year gone? It hasn’t been the most ideal year for so many of us with what has been going on, so you can imagine that more people have been looking for things they can get excited about and now that we are in the later part of the year Christmas will soon be here. While you may want to start the Christmas shopping, you can also start thinking about certain aspects of the day and lead up that can get you excited. Here are some Christmas ideas you can focus your attention on. 

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I hot glued some red ribbon on the top so that I could hang the silver bells outside on a hook.

Christmas ideas for decorating your home

It is now time to start thinking about decorating your home and it would seem more people are enthusiastic about putting their trees up sooner rather than later. It might be time to start looking at decorations and even thinking about baskets that go around your Christmas tree to keep things looking festive and tidy. You can even make ornaments to go on your tree inexpensively and a couple ideas include Upcycle Dollar Store Ornaments, and Making Ornaments from Seasoning Shakers

Decorations are a great way to make your home feel festive and to get into the spirit of things. 

You might also enjoy making decorations with out breaking the bank! Some ideas include 3 Holiday DIYs From Pool Noodles, and Easy Christmas Yard Decor. Want a easy ways to hang lights? Check this out – 6 Ways To Make Hanging Holiday Lights Easier

Do you like to make your own gifts? Would you like to make a little money on the side? I'm hosting another Hometalk TV episode and this time I'm creating DIY craft ideas to make and sell.

Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas

A great way to save money this holiday season and give something personal is to create some DIY gifts. I have a whole section on my blog dedicated to gift ideas and you can find them here – Chas’ Crazy Creations DIY Gift Ideas. The ornaments I mentioned above can also make great gifts as well. More gift ideas that don’t break the bank can be created out of thrift and dollar store finds. Make some winter decor as a gift and you can find all my winter DIYs here.

Do you like the wreath in the picture? It was made out of coffee filters, and you can create beautiful winter decor on a dime.

Here are some suggestions to consider. Plain photo frames can be a blank canvas when it comes to gifts. But almost everyone would love printed pictures, so why not combine the two and frame a wonderful photograph for someone. You could even embellish the plain frame and make it more to that person’s taste. Perhaps adding a few gemstones or different colored items. Thankfully, a glue gun with glue dots and dispensers will do an excellent job of sticking anything to the frame. This could also work for little gifts in mason jars, canvas prints or even embellishing greeting cards. If you enjoy baking then why not make some homemade goodies like cookies and cakes to gift people. This will make you a favorite in the workplace by bringing a tin of freshly baked goods in there just before Christmas. 

Let’s hope this has got you excited about Christmas and enabled you to have something to look forward to. 

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