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Red Solo Cup Party Lights

Red Solo Cup Party Lights
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This light strand is inexpensive, easy to make, and will be great at any party!  Adjustable for many occasions – just pick the color solo cup you like.

You’ll need: A strand of lights (Walmart) Solo Cups (Walmart) optional mini solo cups (Dollar Tree) X-Acto knife or Razor blade

You’ll be cutting an “X” in the bottom of the cups.

Use your razor or X-Acto knife to cut the bottom of the solo cups in an “x”.

Stick the light through the “x” in the bottom of the cup. The big cups wouldn’t fit as well right next to each other. I opted to buy mini solo cups from Dollar Tree to alternate with the big cups. You could us all mini cups or leave a blank light between the big cups.

You can decide how many cups you want to put on your light strand.

I used a couple suction cups from Dollar Tree and was able to hang my lights up above my TV.

Plug them in and they’re ready to go!

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