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Deco Mesh Light Up New Year Wreath

Deco Mesh Light Up New Year Wreath
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I was asked to create a Deco Mesh New Year wreath for the holiday season.  I made my first deco mesh wreath and personalized it by adding lights, disco balls, and an interchangeable year.


You’ll need a wire wreath form. Mine is 14 inches and came from Dollar Tree.

I cut a silver pipe cleaner in half and twist tied the mesh to the bottom of the outside of the frame.

I then pulled the mesh up through each of the gaps between the wreath form. I pulled up a loop of about 2 inches – First the outside, then middle, then inside. I then repeated this again – loop up through the outside, middle, and inside.

Keep the silver connected, just set the roll aside. Next twist tie on our second color and repeat the looping process twice like before… outside loop, middle loop, inside loop, and again outside, middle, inside.

This is about what it should look like. It won’t look pretty – but don’t worry you’ll fluff it later.

You’ll rotate 2 sets with silver, then 2 sets with white. Do this until you get all the way around the wreath. If you run out of mesh, simply use a pipe cleaner and secure the end, then secure your new one and continue. I used 2 rolls of silver and 2 rolls of white.

When you get to the end, secure your mesh to the wreath form and secure with a pipe cleaner.

Cut off the excess.

Now fluff your mesh. Widen, unwind, and spread apart each mesh loop to fill out our wreath.

For my wreath, I wove in LED lights that I got at Walmart.

I secured the battery pack on back with pipe cleaners.

I wrapped a round a gold star garland.

I hot glued on little silver and gold disco balls.

I took 4 gold pipe cleaners and made the numbers 2019 and I twisted them together to connect them.

I set this in the center of the wreath. I didn’t glue it in as I wanted to be able to change it out year after year.


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