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New Year’s Eve Ball – 2 options

New Year’s Eve Ball – 2 options
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Do you remember the first time you watched the New Year’s Eve Ball drop?  I do.  My parents had told me at midnight we watch this special sparkly ball drop at midnight.  I remember being so excited just at the idea of staying up until midnight.  When it was time, I remember waiting with anticipation to see this sparkling ball drop!  Then the countdown began and the ball started to lower… what? my heart sank… It was lowering not “dropping”.  In my head I had pictured that the ball would be released and fall to the ground.  I didn’t know what would happen when it “fell” all the way down but this was not what I had pictured.  What was I thinking?  What a mess it would have been.  LOL!  I told this story to my kids when they were old enough to watch the ball drop for the first time, and now we laugh about it.  I will show you how to make your own New Year’s Eve ball and I have 2 options for you.  You can make these to lower down or just hang as a decoration.  The great thing is you can use them for more than just New Year’s if you like.

Option 1


For both options – you’ll need 2 flower hanging planter baskets.  Pull off the chains but save one set for hanging it in the end.

Stack your baskets like this to form the ball shape.

Use wire or I used Christmas bulb wire hooks to twist tie your flower baskets together.

For this New Year’s Ball I’m using these rope lights that I found at Walmart.

Hot glue the battery pack to the inside of the base of the flower basket.

Wrap the rope light around the baskets placing it between each set of wires on the basket.  When you get to the end, tie the top together to secure it with wire or Christmas ornament hooks as I did.  I let the extra hand in the center of the ball.

Here is what it looks like lit up at this point.

Hot glue some tinsel garland to the basket.

Start wrapping the ball with the garland. I wrapped two times between each wire and on either side of the rope light. This project took 2 tinsel garland packs that were 15 ft. each and $1 per pack.  Hot glue the ends to secure.

Add one of the flower hanging basket planter chains to the top so you can hang it.

Your first ball is done!

Now on to the second option…


You’ll start the same as the first option by stacking and securing the baskets into the ball shape.

I’m using 2 beaded strands of lights from Walmart in the bridal section.

Using wire or Christmas ornament hooks secure the strand of lights onto each wire of the hanging basket and wrap around the ball.

Using wire or Christmas ornament hooks secure the strand of lights onto each wire of the hanging basket and wrap around the ball.

Hot glue your battery packs to the bottom of your ball inside the basket.  (I’m open to other ideas on this if you have them please share them in the comments.  I’d love for them to not be in the ball at all…)

Hang it up, turn it on, and you’re done 🙂

Which one do you like better?

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