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Find It Game & Ornament

Find It Game & Ornament
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My kids LOVE find it games whether it’s a container, book, etc. I decided to make their own find it game for a lot less money than you can buy them at the store. Plus these are great for those classroom parties (trust me, we did them once and the kids loved them).

You will need:

A container to hold all of the supplies – I’m using an ornament from Dollar Tree but you can use baby food jars, recycled water bottles, recycled jars, etc.

Items to go inside the container – pom pom, penny, paper clip, mini erasers, pop tabs, button, jingle bell, button, sequin, etc.


Remove the lid and place all of your things “to find” inside the container first.

Fill the container with rice, but leave a little room so you can shake it, spin it, etc to get the items inside to move around in the rice.

Put the lid on and you’re done!

If you want you can make a tag that attaches to it with the items to find.  If you use a jar, you can write the items on a sticker and place it on the lid of the items to find.

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