Awesome and Easy Patriotic Summer DIYs

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Do you want easy patriotic summer diys? We love enjoying our outdoor space in the warm weather of the summer months. I am always looking for creative ways to help my entire family embrace the summer season. Today I have a few diy projects and craft ideas to share and the best part about these summer crafts is you can use them all season long.

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Plant flowers in his head.

Easy Uncle Sam Planter

This is my all-time favorite summer project. With just a few easy-to-find materials, you can have your own nifty flower pot Uncle Sam in a day.

This project is so easy that you don’t need any crafting experience in order to do it yourself. Check out my step-by-step guide and get started!

This fun project uses 3 flower pots. Paint the first flower pot and add a face, add clothes to the middle flower pot, and glue on strips of tablecloth for the bottom. Silicone them all together If you have a green thumb you can put a plant in the head or just add a hat. You can find the full tutorial here – EASY UNCLE SAM PLANTER

For summer you can add plants. I added a hay bale and then put a flag in it.

How To Make A DIY Crate Red Pickup Truck

I was messing around with the wooden crates at Walmart and inspiration stuck! I wanted to make a vintage DIY red truck that I could use around my home. Check out my red truck made from crates. This is one of my favorite summer diys and the best part – you can have so much fun adapting this for any season.

Paint 3 mini crates and one large crate red. Add wheels, head, and taillights, and other accents you like to your truck. You can easily adjust this truck for every season and keep it out, no need for storage! You can find the full tutorial here – HOW TO MAKE A DIY CRATE RED PICKUP TRUCK

For the summer I created firecrackers.

DIY Wood Firecrackers

Did you know you can make scrap wood projects that sell? I created a snowman project, and with a little imagination created rotating seasonal decor and sold it.

I rotated the entire set of scrap wood again so now the snowmen were facing down. I placed painter’s tape on the sides to create clean lines and keep the edges white. I painted the top and bottom with Folk Art Home Decor Chalk paint and used the colors imperial, and nautical.

While the back was drying, I added peel-and-stick Velco dots. I cut a piece of nautical rope and hot glued it to one of the Velcro pieces. This would allow me to keep the rope on while it was summer and fall, but remove it for winter and spring. These firecrackers are a great way to spruce up a fourth of July celebration or any summer party.

You can find the easy tutorial here – DIY WOOD FIRECRACKERS

You can fill them with silverware for a decorative way to serve.

Patriotic Mason Jars

Mason Jars!!! There are so many uses for them, the possibilities are endless. You could use recycled jars for this project or I found these jars at the local dollar store. This is a great project that has so many uses and is an easy diy for so many holidays!

Use a stencil to draw on the letters, and add glitter glue. Once it’s dried, use these to hold utensils, flowers, candles, and more. These would also make unique gift bags and the whole family can have a great time making them. You can find the full tutorial here – PATRIOTIC MASON JARS

DIY's For the Best Summer Ever! (12) use a tarp to create a slip and slide

Best Summer DIYs Ever!

If you’re having a BBQ, you might want some fun summer activities and outdoor games for kids of all ages. We love our outdoor areas and spending time together as a family. Here are some of the things we create for the best summer ever! Let your creativity run wild!

You might need games, fun slip, and slide, bug-repellant tiki torches, a tabletop fire, sunscreen relief, no mess cooler ice, and more! Don’t forget the beach towels! You can see the full tutorial here – BEST SUMMER DIYS EVER

I hope you enjoy these easy summer diys, so grab your flip flops and dive into summer.

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Do you want easy patriotic summer diys? I have a few projects and you'll love that they can be kept up all season long.

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  1. So many cute projects but I’ll have to say that Uncle Sam is my favorite! I have lots of flower pots that I could use to make one!

    1. Thank you Jane and I’m thrilled you like Uncle Sam

  2. So fun! I love your patriotic ideas and Summer fun! Uncle Sam sure is cute. Happy Summer celebrating.

  3. Chas, there are so many fun and patriotic projects that you share. Thank you so much for the inspiration. I have to say I love love uncle Sam he just makes you smile. Happy Fourth of July.

  4. There are so many cute ideas to choose from…but those wood firecrackers have my heart! xoxo, Kristi

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