Games For Your Yard – Fun In the Sun!

Games For Your Yard – Fun In the Sun!
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My kids are home for the summer! I wanted to come up with some fun things to do with them as well as when friends and family come over. With a trip to the Dollar Store, some backyard games were easily made!

Water Toss

Fill 6 buckets with water. You can use more or less if you like.

Place three of your buckets in a pyramid shape on opposite sides of your yard. You can decide how far apart you want to place them by the age of those playing. Add some water balls and it’s up to you how many each player/team gets.

How to play:

Take turns tossing the balls back and forth. If you land in an opponents bucket that bucket is removed. The winner is determined when all of their opponents buckets are removed.

Optional – On a hot summer day, if your ball lands in the opponents bucket you can dump the bucket of water on your opponent.

Flamingo Ring Toss –

You’ll need 2 flamingos and some diving rings.

Put the flamingos together according to the package instructions.

Stake the flamingos into the ground facing each other. The distance depends on the age of those playing.

The goal is to toss the ring around the flamingo’s neck.

Take turns tossing back and forth until all the rings are on the flamingo’s neck.

Want to see the video?  Click on the photo below…

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Comments (10)

  • Great ideas. I giggled when I saw the flamingos…I’ve always thought their long necks would make a good ring toss — fake flamingos of course!

    • Thanks Snap 🙂 – love the fake flamingos comment that made me giggle. It’s so true, I have thought the same thing and it was finally time I actually made the thought a reality. Sending hugs!

  • we love these type of games especially the water games on hot days

  • These are such great ideas! I really love water games with the kids in my life. I really like the water toss game that you shared. I look forward to trying this game out soon! I’m sure it’ll be great fun and a great way to cool off!

  • The flamingo game made me think of Alice in Wonderland, though they use them for crochet in that don’t they?! You have such fun ideas.

  • I want to play these myself never mind have the kids play. I like the throwing the bucket of water over the opponent part but we live in Northern Ireland and even with the great summer we are having this year it is not warm enough for that.


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