Pouring Tea Pot & Tea Cup Decor

Pouring Tea Pot & Tea Cup Decor
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Who looks forward to decorating outside in the spring? I do! Here is a super easy way to get that pouring tea pot/kettle into a teacup look for your backyard.

You will need:
A tea/coffee pot of your choice (Thrift Store)
Candle holder stand (Thrift Store)
Tea cup and saucer (Thrift Store)
Plastic crystals (Hobby Lobby)
Garden hook (Dollar Tree)
Silicone or outdoor adhesive of your choice.
Silicone your tea cup and saucer together to make them stable.
Silicone your cup and saucer onto your candle holder.
Silicone your plastic crystal into place on your tea/coffee pot.
Let all silicone dry completely before bringing outside.
Place your garden hook in the ground and hang your tea/coffee pot on it.
Place your tea cup and saucer stand under the “drip” of the pot.
If you want the tea cup stand to be more solid, dig a little hole and bury the stand bottom in the ground.

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Comments (2)

  • I love this one! It’s my fav and I’ve thought of doing something like this but I just haven’t found the right pitcher yet.

    • Thank you Linda, this one was really easy and I loved it. My new one is a bit bigger so it won’t fit where this one was… might need to make another 🙂


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