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Winter Light Up Canvas Art

Winter Light Up Canvas Art
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I have made several of these light up canvas art pieces and I’ll be doing a new one for an upcoming Hometalk Live show.  I am posting the journey towards my Live show, and after the Live show I’ll post the final product here.  It has been a process and journey to figure out just how to make the idea in my head come to life on the canvas.  I’m sure that has happened to all of you as well right?  You’ll see the whole process here, you can laugh and cry with me 🙂

First I painted my canvas (8 x 10) with Black Paint.  I let that dry completely.

Next I painted some branches with Mod Podge and sprinkled them with Buffalo snow.  This was to simulate the look of the trees outside right after a fresh snow has fallen.

I used a punch to poke holes in the canvas.

I hot glued the branches onto the canvas.

I used Mod Podge the base of the canvas and sprinkled the bottom with Buffalo snow.

For the Live show, I’ll be painting the bottom of the canvas with the white paint so that the black does not shine though the snow.

I used some white paint to make snowflakes onto the canvas.

I took the canvas outside and gave it a shot of Glitter Blast Spray, and sprinkled on some more Buffalo Snow.

I pushed a set of 10 battery operated LED lights through the holes of the canvas.

I turned the art on, but I just didn’t love it.  I knew this was just a prototype but I wanted it to be better.  So I slept on it, and went back to it the next day.

I pulled off all the branches and re-hot glued them on in a tree shape which is more of the idea I saw in my head.

I turned the lights back on, and YES this was more of the idea I was looking for.  I have some upgrades and additional touches I’ll be doing to the next piece on my Live show.

Here is the completed project after the Live show!

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Here is the Light Up Canvas I made for Hometalk as a thank you for all their support and to celebrate 1 year of Live shows!

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  • Love this. It’s so simple for my grandkids and my grandson would love that we’re not doing it with flowers. 🙂 I have to chuckle at the Buffalo snow though because if I use Buffalo snow it will melt because I’d take it from my yard since I’m in the suburbs of Buffalo. LOL

    • Thanks Linda, I’m so glad that it’s a great project for those grand kids. Love the Buffalo snow comment 🙂 Gave me a chuckle this morning

  • Awesome project! I love Dixie Belle too.

  • All around great idea! It’s really gorgeous! I was just showing my hubs telling him we should make these for our nieces and nephews and tailor them to they’re likes. I just love how the battery pack fits perfectly in the corner 🙂


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