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Snowy Pictures with Epsom Salt Painting

Snowy Pictures with Epsom Salt Painting
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Trying to decide what to do with those Christmas Cards? Need a fun craft for the kids? Make snowy pictures with Epsom Salt!

You’ll need:

Hot or boiling water

Epsom Salt

A spoon

Paint brushes

Old cards

Mix equal parts water and Epsom Salt

Stir until dissolved.

Paint the mixture onto the Cards and let it dry completely.

Crystals will form on the card as it dries creating a beautiful snowy scene.

You can also keep some of the Epsom Salt chunky for a different effect.

Different cards react different ways with the mixture.  If you have a glossy card like the one above the mixture will bead up.  If you have a non glossy porous card it’ll spread more evenly.

It’s so hard to capture the true beauty of how these turn out.  They just shimmer in the sunlight.  This project is great for all ages.  We have also created a snowy scene on construction paper with a blue background, snowman, etc and then painted this over the top of that, and the mixture really does well on the construction paper.

To see the video click the link below…  

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